Sunday, April 6, 2014

Lost and Found

This story started the day I took my son's cat to the vet.

The doctor was amazed at how fast the cat had healed. I told him the cat had been ill for sometime since living in an inner city apartment. The cat caught a mouse that had eaten poison.

Now, don't frown, the cat is doing amazing well--this is only the start of this story :)

The vet turned to me and said, "Yes, having pets around us brings out the stories..why this winter I took my wife on a trip to Cancun. There was a conference going on at the time. I figured it would get her away from this long spell of freezing temperatures and snow. 

"She laid in sun for eight days and felt quite good. We packed for our trip back to our winter home and climbed into the taxi. When I took my seat on the airplane I realized I couldn't find my ipad. I had stored all my notes from the conference there. I felt bad about it, but knew I would survive. 

"We arrived at our house, cranked up the heat, and unpacked our bags. Before sitting down to reconstruct information I'd remembered from the conference, I checked FB and found a message. Someone had found my ipad wedged between the seats in the taxi. They gave it to the taxi driver to hold for me.

"I hit replay to type a message but was interrupted by my wife. She'd checked the answering machine. My boss had called and asked me to attend a special training session in Cancun. I needed to leave in three days, all my flight and hotel arrangements had been made. 

"Unbelievable timing. I FB messaged the person who found my ipad and thanked them. I then contacted the taxi company and requested the same driver to pick me up at the Cancun airport. 

"Who would have expected such events to happen in the needed order and timing to get my ipad back to me?"

I must admit I was very excited to listen to him tell this story, but kinda wondered where the pet part would enter. It didn't. He just wanted to share this amazing story of what God had done because he was happy about how my son's cat had improved.

The Bible tells the story of a woman who lost a coin. She cleaned her house from ceiling to floor, every inch. She cleaned it again, searching in every corner, every cupboard, every drawer, and under every piece of furniture. At long last she found the coin. Her excitement caused her to leave her broom in the middle of the floor as she ran out of her house to tell her neighbors. "Guess what!" she said. She retold the story several times giving God the glory at each retelling.

Your turn: Tell something that gives God the glory.

This post has been brought to you by the one word: Found


Janice said...

Yesterday at the end of our Sunday School time the other teacher asked if it would be okay to pray about her older daughter's lost hearing aid. They had looked everywhere for it. They are expensive and daughter is using a borrowed one from the school system. So we prayed for God's help in finding it. The teacher also prayed that if it is not to be found that we trust in God to provide for a new one. I have not heard yet how God is choosing to answer. But whichever way, He gets the glory. He could even restore her hearing if He chose to. He has more ways to answer prayers than we can think or imagine.

Mary Vee Writer said...

I know God will answer this prayer. I am SO excited to hear what God does. You must come back and tell us!

KayM said...

God is so good and I have many stories I could tell, but here is a recent one. My daughter, who has had a headache since April 21, 2010, was on her way to a conference, when she called. She was to give a huge presentation that had been in the works for months. She takes daily medication to help her pain be more manageable. Somehow, she had left her medicine at home. I started praying as soon as she told me and prayed earnestly over the next two days. She called me the day after she got home. She had no pain during the conference! At first she thought that she didn't need medicine anymore and her headache was gone. Sadly, that was not the case, but it sure was God taking care of her, when she most needed the strength and clear-thinking. It was such a blessing!

Mary Vee Writer said...

Wow, Kay. This truly is a great testimony of God's care for His kids in times of need. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Perhaps some day, the headaches will leave her or doctors will be able to find the cause and give her the help she needs.