Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spring Break?

I don't usually take a vacation from my website. I find some way to sneak online wherever I am to chat with you. But, for the next two weeks, I am going to be away from the Internet….basking in sunny Arizona with my lovely daughter.

BUT, I refuse to leave you in your office, home, snowy terrain, or laundry room. Come join me.

We are taking a whitewater trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon basin. Are you ready?

Let's roll!

Now in case you are thinking the trip is completely gentle…and are perhaps wondering where the "whitewater" comes into play. Keep in mind that we didn't want to ruin our camera. Still, you need to see what the really fun part is like. Here you go:

Hold on!

I nearly fell out of the boat on one of these! SO MUCH FUN!!

See you Wednesday for more fun!

Your turn: Tell us about an adventure you've taken.

*All photos taken by Mary Vee and her hubby, Hank. Permission required for use.


Susan Johnson said...

For my parents' 50th wedding anniversary, the whole family went whitewater rafting in Colorado. It was a 1/2 day trip and a lot of fun. My 81-year-old daddy was sitting up in the front of the raft having the time of his life.

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