Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring Break-Whitewater Escape

Spring break continues.

We took a whitewater trip down the Colorado River in the basin of the Grand Canyon last time (scroll down to the last post to take the trip again, if you'd like)

At the end of the trip, though, we find ourselves trapped at the basin of the Grand Canyon and need a way back to the top. We don't have horses, donkeys, or hiking gear. Our guide beaches the raft in a beautiful setting where we're told to wait for a helicopter to take us back to our cars.

First, let's check out the flowers:

We better hurry, the pilot is waiting for us!

Buckle up. We're taking off.

I hope you enjoyed your ride. On Monday we head to the Southern Rims.

Your turn: Tell about a fun ride you've taken. 

*All photos taken by Mary Vee and her hubby, Hank. Permission required for use.

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