Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring Break, Southern Rims

Spring Break at the Southern Rims of the Grand Canyon

I am away from the Internet for my spring bring, but didn't want to leave you "out in the cold" LOL. No. You're coming with me. If you missed the whitewater trip from last week, scroll down and ride the Colorado River with me through the Grand Canyon. The temperatures up here on the Southern Rims are a soothing 70 degrees. There might be some wind. Grab your camera and some walking shoes. Ready?

Let's Roll!

The tower in the distance is a tourist site. You can climb to the top for a great view. On the bottom floor is a gift shop.

I wanted to give you some unique views for your trip by including birds and animal life.

I hope you enjoyed your trip to the Southern Rims

Come back on Wednesday. We're heading to the Northern Rims.
 A far different view of the Grand Canyon.

Your turn: What was your favorite vacation?

*All photos were taken by Mary Vee and her hubby Hank. Permission required for use.

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