Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring Break-Northern Rims

Spring Break- Northern Rims of the Grand Canyon. 

This is the last day of our trip. The Northern Rims are chilly. I hear there will be a storm, maybe even snow! Bring a warm jacket, walking shoes to head down the trails, and your camera. Ready?

As we drive to the entrance the storm is closing in. I love watching the rolling clouds. Notice the difference in the trees here? Scroll down to the last post to see the more desert style trees at the Southern Rim. We are higher in altitude, hence the temperature change.

The buffalo don't seem to mind the rain.

The rain quickly turned to snow. 
Several families parked their car to let their children get out and throw snowballs.

Hold tight to the branch as you lean over the edge.

Be adventurous, step out on the rocks to get the best view!

I hope you had fun at the Grand Canyon during Spring break. 
I'm excited to read your comments when I get back.

Your turn: What is the highest place you have been?

*All photos taken by Mary Vee and her hubby, Hank. Permission required for use.


Janice said...

This has been the perfect Spring break with you, Mary.

I am not sure of where was the highest elevation I have set foot on. Here in the eastern parts of the USA I'm thinking Clingman's Dome in the Smokies. When I have been there it was very moist because of being in the clouds.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Glad you enjoyed our break together.
Clingman's Dome sounds like a fun place to go. I need to add it to my list. :)