Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Opportunities Captured

Today thousands of opportunities will come our way.

Good and bad.

The choice to capture the opportunity or walk away from a bad opportunity will be ours.

The moment may be something as simple as having a chance to say something nice or encouraging. Perhaps holding back unkind words.

The moment may be a huge imposition, like having to leave an activity to meet someone's need.

We sit comfortably, sipping tea or coffee. A thought pops in our head. An idea to DO something. 

We ponder.

Then decide.

The decision is either selfish or giving. 

When my children were little, they had a favorite book. One would grab the treasure in her little hand and bring it to me. "Read it." This was the seemingly 400 request to read the same book that day. (I read it :) ) You may have experienced a similar constant request.

Or early in the morning, a thought wakens me before the alarm goes off. Get out of bed, where the blankets are nice and warm, and do morning Bible reading before the family gets up. (Well, I may not smile or leap, but I do it and am always glad afterwards.)

A favorite television show may be on when a family member calls to chat. Do I brush them off quickly to return to the show? Or do I turn off the program and focus on the family member.

One evening, the disciple Peter sailed with the other disciples on the Sea of Galilee. Jesus had gone to the mountains to pray, but as he prayed, he kept watch on the disciples. The wind tossed the boat and scared the disciples. Later, Jesus walked on the water toward the boat. The disciples thought he was a ghost. 

Jesus said, "Don't be afraid, it is I."

Peter said, "If it is you, Lord, command me to come to you on the water."

Jesus said, "Come."

Peter immediately captured the opportunity and left the boat, his friends, and the fish. With his eyes firmly fixed on Jesus, he walked on the water--until the sounds of the sea pulled his focus away. He looked down at the stirring waters. Peter immediately began to sink. He cried out, "Lord save me."

Jesus captured the opportunity to help, save, and teach Peter. He reached out his hands and guided him back to the boat.

An opportunity captured then lost.

Another opportunity captured.

Opportunities come when something else is going on. We get to choose whether to capture the opportunity or lose it.

Your turn: Name an exciting opportunity you or someone you know captured

This post was brought to you by the one word: Opportunity


Cindy Q said...

Mary, I think some opportunities are coming my way and I'm not sure what I will do. However, I just had to stop and tell you I love your post today. You are a beautiful writer, compassionate and clear - not always an easy combination to communicate, yet you do it very well.

Janice said...

Several years ago I had the opportunity to assist with Bible Drill. It took a good chunk of my Sunday afternoon. I was serving, but I ended up learning as much as the children since I was not strong in Bible skills. I am forever thankful that I said yes to that opportunity.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Thank you, Cindy. You have taken an opportunity to bless me. I am so thankful.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Ah yes, the Bible drills. There was this boy in my Sunday School class who ALWAYS won. I still don't know how he did it. The rest of us in the class did not feel defeated, we took the challenge to beat him…sigh…I don't think we every did. But we came close!! I must admit, I can find this little books like Zephaniah today because of those challenges. LOL