Sunday, March 30, 2014

And Then We Hear About...

Just when we think our lives are overwhelming. 




God allows us to catch a fantastic story in the news.

Yup. It happened here.

I wasn't whining, complaining. Wasn't even feeling sorry for myself. It was more of a: wow my to do list has 30 hours of work for today.

And then I caught a few minutes of the Live with Kelly and Michael show. To make sure I caught this clip, God had to get me out of my house since we don't have TV, inspire me to drive to the hotel where my husband was working, make him too tired after working the night shift to get up for breakfast forcing me to go by myself, have the hotel tune the community breakfast room TV station to this show, AND have me listening at the time. 

He did all of that to let me catch this five minute focus on Lauren Perkins, mother of sextuplets.

What captured my attention about this woman was her smile and attitude. In previous news stories about mega birth families, the mom looks worn, the family is begging for help, there is mass chaos, finances are a huge topic, and by the time the story is done, we feel sorry for the family. 

Not in Lauren's case. This gal, a former psychologist, uses her organizational skills to train her children to function as a group. Their day has a schedule. All the children eat, sleep, have diapers changed, etc, at the same time. In the evenings after the babies are in bed, Lauren writes mommy blogs to help other moms, and trains for marathons. She is excited about raising these children and devotes her love to giving each one her best.

No, she is not a super mom. She is a woman who has taken the challenge God has given her and has risen to the task. If you'd like to take a peek at her mommy blog here is the link:

I would think she'd be the first person to say she isn't any more super than any of us. She has simply chosen to step up to the platform with the tasks God has given here.

There are many such people listed in the Bible who've stepped up and handled great tasks given to them by God.

Jonah--after fussing-but he still did it

and this is only a very small list.

Today God has armed you with the fortitude to accomplish the task He has given you to do.

Rise up

Raise your chin

Press your shoulders back

And proudly serve the King

This post has been brought to you by the one word: Fortitude

Your turn: How can you serve the King today?

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