Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Timely Flat Tires

I had a list of errands and wanted to get them done before we left on a trip. Hubby happened to be off work and went with me. 

We drove thirty minutes in the bitter cold to town, did two errands then drove to our local grocery store for errand number three. 

The usual parking lot competition for the closest spot was in progress when we arrived. We lost and had to park into one of the farthest slots. Oh well, we needed the exercise.

Typically, when doing errands with hubby, I'd open my car door and scoot around to the side he was on and walk with him. This time, though, and I credit God, I stayed on my side of the car and happened to look at the front tire. "This tire looks low." I looked at the back one and said, "This one looks low, too."

Hubby came around to my side of the car and scrunched his lips like guys do when they are thinking about something. "We'll put air in it when we come back out." 

We did our shopping and wheeled the cart out to the car. Hubby looked at the front tire as he opened the door. "It's flat!"

He was not happy.

Fortunately, across the parking lot was the very tire store we'd purchased the tires. Talk about perfect timing. Hubby nursed the car to the air machine, filled the tire then pulled it into a spot in the front of the tire store. 

30 minutes later, and no charge, we were on our way.

Having the tire store so close to where we had the flat was great to share. Not only had God allowed the incident to happen next to the repair shop, but He also let it happen before we left on a trip up the coast where there are few gas stations much less any repair places.

God's timing is perfect.


There was once a short man who heard Jesus was coming to his village. He raced to where the crowds stood but couldn't' see over their shoulders. To his right he noticed a sycamore. He climbed the tree and waited for Jesus to walk by. 

The crowds cheering grew louder, indicating Jesus would soon arrive. Closer and closer the sound came. The short man held on to a branch and leaned forward to see the man whom everyone talked about. 

When Jesus came close to the Sycamore, He looked up and said, "Zaccheus. Come down. I'm going to your house." 

How timely. 

Because Zaccheus heard the news at the right time, he arrived at the very place where a tree, planted years before, gave him not only a view of Jesus, but also an invitation from the Son of God.

Timely doesn't always mean something good will happen. However, as in the case of our flat tire, the unpleasant may happen where the best solution presents itself.

Here is another quick example: a house went on the market five minutes before our realtor showed it to us. The price was great and the location perfect. After we moved in, five people knocked on the door and asked if the house was still for sale. 

God allows events good and bad to happen at the perfect time to help us grown in our relationship with Him.

Okay, I've share two examples of today's one word: timely. Your turn. Share something that happened in a timely way for you or someone you know.

This post was brought to you by the one word: Timely


Janice said...

Well, Mary, since you brought up flat tires that is what I will share. One day my teenage son and I had started to go somewhere and were on the street connecting to ours. All of a sudden we had a flat tire. Son got out of the car to make sure of it, and, yes, we had a flat.He got back in the car and I quickly prayed aloud for God's help. A knock at my window startled me. I did not realize we were in front of the home of one of my preschool students and the dad came ouf to help. He thought it was just a teenager who did not know how to change a flat so he was surprised to see me, too. I was surprised by how quickly God brought help! My son got his first lesson in tire changing and witnessed a powerful example of God working things out when we pray.

Two flat tire stories giving God glory in one day. Only in His timing! May we have many more timely blessings to share!

Mary Vee Writer said...

You are awesome. And that was a great story to share! I loved it.
Kinda sends a tingly joy up your spine to hear about God's blessings, eh? :)