Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Book Review: Friend Me by John Faubion

I met "Jay" Faubion at the ACFW conference. I had worked with him online with critiques previously, but this was the first time I met this author. 

I was excited to read his debut novel, Friend Me. What a fantastic read. Here is my review of this amazing book:

To me a five star rating not only says you liked the book a lot, but it also indicates that one can learn/make life changes as a result of reading the story. For this reason I chose a "five" for Friend Me by John Faubion.

Faubion tackles an epic twilight zone subject pointing out it is the seemingly little issues that engages and pulls us into bigger problems. Our true personality comes out to play when we make choices in secret. Will we lie to save our job, click on the site just once, hide this information, and etc?

The main character Scott makes these and other difficult choices.

Scott convinces himself he is remaining true to his faith and his marriage when experimenting with a new social media program. His free time is spent in a virtual world, something not real, and therefore whatever he does in that world cannot count as anything wrong. The more he struggles with his job and his marriage, the more he turns to the virtual world for comfort--until... 

As with Twilight Zone stories, a realistic consequence comes about, which opens the door to Scott's secrets and threatens the very lives of those he loves. 

Power packed with a realistic situation, Friend Me is a spellbinding read that easily hooks the reader, lures him/her into turning pages late into the night through the spiraling braids of suspense and into an ever questioning: am I--have I? Lord help me.

I highly recommend this book because it WILL make you think.

I received an advanced reader copy from the author. This review is my honest opinion of the book.

John Fabion will be my guest this weekend. We look forward to talking with you about his book and God's leading in his writing journey.

Friend, What do you think about such a book? Do you like to read books like this one?


Janice said...

Great review! I do like to read books that make me think. Vicarious conviction through a story character in a Christian novel is one way the Holy Spirit can work. If a Christian novel is lacking that I think it could be considered a bit shallow. I look forward to your interview with this author.
Blessings, Janice

Mary Vee Writer said...

So true, Janice. And this book is definitely not shallow. And a definite great read.
I'm saving a seat for you, Janice.