Sunday, January 12, 2014

Your Corner of the World

At times, especially in the beginning of a New Year, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. 

Perhaps a resolution has become too big to manage, expectations have grown more than expected, duties at work have increased, the daily schedule allows no rest, etc. While the children may be back at school, their activities have also restarted, and you've become taxi mom or dad. 

Wouldn't it be nice to slow down a bit?

When Jesus called His disciples to apprentice with Him, He tenderly addressed each one's specific need. Jesus instructed, modeled, and guided the them from their individual point of understanding to a collective representative of an important work He would assign.

For a first practicum, Jesus instructed his disciples to go only to the cities and homes of Israelites. By keeping them close to home, Jesus gave the disciples an opportunity to practice His teachings where they knew the customs, speech, and dress. 

Jesus never wants us to feel overwhelmed. He will never ask us to do more than we are able. On the other hand, He doesn't want us to be lazy couch potatoes either.

Jesus wants us to fulfill what is needed in our corner of the world. He doesn't ask us to go about helping, meeting needs, providing for, and etc for everyone everywhere--just where we are.

Consider your day today. Where might you have done or committed to do more than you were able? Where could you have done more? 

Then consider when might you insert a time to do something special for God. This something can be anything from you taking a break to you making a meal for a sick person in the church/neighborhood.

Some of us need to figure out a way to decrease responsibilities so we can spend time with God. Others need to learn to not think so much of ourselves and do more.

How is your New Year progressing? 
Can I pray for you? 
Can I rejoice with you?
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Sherrinda Ketchersid said...

My year is progressing nicely. Not overwhelmed yet.... :) I am spending time with God each morning and am reading through the Bible. I am trying to incorporate meditating, but I'm not good at it YET. My mind is not easy to get calm, it seems. I am spending time each day on my art, which feeds my soul, and I am making plans to begin writing...just a little each day. Not full force writing, but writing for fun. I don't need pressure right now, for sure.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Ii find spending time with art to be a form of meditation in that it draws me into the intricacies of God's creation and thereby allows me to mirror it in a minute way.
I'm glad you are working toward the writing part as well. Writing, as you know is another form of art and I have enjoyed your previous works.
Have a super day, Sherrinda.

bonton said...

I am retired, so it is easier for me to manage my time, perhaps, than someone who works out of the home every day. I DO handle the personal, and business matters for an invalid aunt, which keeps me busier some times, than others - this is one of those times. I try to do somethings for others every day, including spending time online - encouraging, and also try to spend time reading every day.