Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Having a Nice Work Space

Having a nice place to do a task, no matter what the job, is very important. 

Last year, when we moved into our home, this room had Pepto-bismo pink sponge designs on two walls and the lower portion of another. The top of the third and the remaining fourth wall had a solid darker pink color.

A shag carpeting rounded out the decor. 

The color scheme might have worked well with the previous owner, but it didn't for me. 

This room soared to the top of my list for a make over.

I chose autumn colors because fall is my favorite season and to enhance the glow when the sun shines through the window.

We ripped out the carpeting and replaced it with a wooden floor. To protect the wood and to warm the room, I added a new rug which had the same autumn shades in the fibers.

To give a finishing touch, we added new drapes to match the crown moulding we installed and a new light fixture to match the wood floor.

Last, we brought in the furniture, installed our teen daughter's hand crafted bookshelves, and hung the painting given to me from my supportive siblings. 

I had called dibs on the window placement of my desk, first. Fortunately, he didn't care.

My hands have been washed, the floor swept, and the photo taken moments before this post went live.

Ooo la lah. This is a study and writing office to be shared with hubby. 

I also have a place for my morning devotions. I wouldn't say I'm an organized person. But I do want to communicate to God that I appreciate what He has given to me.

If you recall, my word for this year is devoted. I am seeking ways to show my devotion to God and those He has placed in my life.

Most of us are living in winter climates right now and are spending more time in the house during free moments. What room in your house is special to you? How have you/would you decorated it for the intended use? 


J.Grace said...

The room looks great, I actually rent and don't really have a "special room".
I would have love to have a corner with a large comfy chair and bookcase nearby. My own little reading area would be wonderful.

Connie Porter Saunders said...

I love our family room. It has a fireplace with a gas insert that makes it so warm and inviting. A pew from our church has been cut down to provide extra seating and I also have a Hoosier cabinet that belonged to my husband's grandparents. A small table that a great uncle made for my parents rounds out my "hodge podge" but I love to sit here and remember all of these people. Oh, I do have a TV and recliner lounger that is 21st century and a magnificent view so my word for this year, JOY, is very easy to attain!

Mary, your room sounds wonderful. Have a blessed day!!

Mary Vee Writer said...

Sounds wonderful. Maybe add a little fireplace and an end table for hot cocoa. Yum.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Connie, I maybe among the out in left field, but will you tell me what a "Hoosier" cabinet is. I know folks from Indiana are called hoosiers.
The pew idea is fabulous. Many churches are switching to chairs and are looking for places to get rid of them. I love the idea!

bonton said...

My most comfortable room is the living room - my recliner sits in front of a window, and this is where I read, and usually watch TV (when I watch it - I spend more time online, and little watching of TV), there is also a cd/dvd/blueray/sound system there, and a laptop. My bedroom is where my desk and desktop, a second TV, and cd/sound system are located, I spend more time here than in the living room (I prefer sitting at my desk and using my desktop to sitting in the recliner with my laptop). There are bookcases, and tons of books, CD's, and movies in both rooms. I am a collector of dolls, angels, and pretty lights, and candles/candle holders, and they are scattered in all rooms of my condo.

Congrats on your "new" office/study, Mary!

Connie Porter Saunders said...

Hoosier cabinets provided storage and work space in country kitchens. It has a flour bin with a sifter, a granite shelf for rolling out biscuits and both shelves and drawers for storage.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Oh, I see. I looked it up on google and saw some lovely ones. I have something like that, but I had been using the word hutch for mine.

Mary Vee Writer said...

The rooms you describe sound very comfy especially with the collector items to enhance the mood. A room doesn't need to be big or small. It simply needs to have the right feel and your two rooms seem to do that nicely.