Sunday, January 5, 2014

Applying Our One-Word Choices

Last week we discussed choosing one words for this year.  Many of you did so. 

For any of you who put your word in the comment section, I sent you a jpg with your word for you to print out. If you did not receive one, and would like a jpg, put your word in the comment section and I will tailor one special for you, too. :) (Be sure to include your email addy)

Here is my one word:

Here is how I will use this one word:

            (and this is also how using one-word differs from a New Year resolution)

Every moment of the day I want to work on perfecting this word in my life, morphing it to fit whatever situation I am in.

For example, the first day I happened to be driving. Now I can be as wild of a driver as anyone, neglecting speed limits, sailing around cars if I am in a hurry, and thinking of my own goal of getting to where I am going. 

As I sat behind the wheel, God brought to mind this word. Ah hah. The first moment to apply devotion. Okay, God. I will be devoted to being a Christ-like example while driving this trip. I checked the speedometer and adjusted my speed. Came to complete stops, and you know the rest. 

I must admit, when I arrived at my destination, I felt pretty good in my heart.

I made a short list of ways I can work on devotion (this is off the top of my head and therefore in no order)

Devoted to being a good mom
Devoted to being a good wife
Devoted to cleaning my house
Devoted to spending a daily personal time with God
Devoted to writing quality posts on this site
Devoted to writing/editing my manuscripts the best they can be
Devoted to completing one new manuscript this year
Devoted to having every post done on time
Devoted to learning more about the writing craft

It took only seconds to make this list. The more I listed, the more I thought of to add to my list.

So, now it is your turn.

Consider the one word you chose. Your homework: make a list of ways this word can be morphed into every area of your life.

Remember the purpose of the one-word is to bring growth to your life. MISTAKES ARE ALLOWED. So contrary to the resolution. God is more than happy to work with you in this area all year long. Be persistent. If you make a mistake….try again. 

Your turn: 
Name some ways your word can be used in random situations (like my list above). Your suggestion could help someone else, so please comment.


Julia M. Reffner said...

My word is QUIET:

1) Being consistent about spending quiet time daily in the word and prayer and listening for God's will in all the other areas of my life.
2) Setting aside more quiet time to talk and pray with my husband.
3) Going aside and being quiet before responding to my children in irritation.
4) Taking quiet time daily to write
5) Decreasing my time on social media and other things that distract me from having a quiet heart.
6) Encouraging my daughter in her efforts to start a quiet time on her own and spending quiet time with the Lord with my children daily.
7) Enforcing a physically quiet time with myself and the children in the day for reading, prayer and creativity.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Wow, Julia. Love your list. I think I need to consider this as my word of next year.

Connie Porter Saunders said...

I have chosen JOY as my word for 2014. Joy to remind me of Jesus 1st, Others next, Yourself last so that

I will find joy in my family
I will find joy in my worship
I will find joy in learning
I will find joy in teaching
I will find joy in giving
I will find joy in sharing
I will find joy in living
I will find joy in being

Mary Vee Writer said...

Joy is a beautiful word, Connie.
I especially love your example: living because that is what God wants us to do. He gave us life and now we need to live it.
What a beautiful list. Thanks for sharing.

bonton said...

Hi, Mary!

My word is ENCOURAGEMENT! I have already been using my word for several months, online - and have derived much joy from it. It is my goal to extend the boundaries in 2014.

I will give ENCOURAGEMENT to Christian fiction writers - online, and in any other way possible
I will give ENCOURAGEMENT to family members, and other relatives
I will give ENCOURAGEMENT to my friends
I will give ENCOURAGEMENT to the staff and congregation of my church, and business
establishments that I frequent
I will give ENCOURAGEMENT to as many strangers, as possible, when I am out in public

Mary Vee Writer said...

I have to agree with you, Bonnie. You have already started to use your word, and you have done so here. Love chatting with you and feel blessed to call you a friend.