Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Memory Device For You

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Recently I added a memory game to my week's activities. 

It all started when I listened to one of those fabulous sermons in church and actually took notes. Later in the week, I recalled liking the sermon and searched for the notes, but lamented when I couldn't find the piece of paper.

I quizzed myself:

What was the general topic? I racked my brain…good grief this was Thursday and a thousand other things had happened when I asked the question. After a cup of tea, visualizing where I sat in the sanctuary, and using every other means possible to remember the general topic I finally answered the question. 

The process to recall the rest of the good things said was an epic fail. 

Although I have since started using a notebook I have created a memory game.

On Monday, at any point during the day, I try to say the following without the use of my notes:

General topic of the sermon
Main book of the Bible used 
Application point

Then I work on the finer points. No order is required.

The game is repeated each day for the rest of the week.
No grade given. 
Many benefits. 
Can be applied to anything, not just sermons.

Have some fun.

We tend to easily remember things we find important at the time (placement of keys excluded). Sometimes, though, our busy lifestyle prevents remembering the very things that will enhance our lives.

Do you have a memory game/device that helps you recall information?


Janice said...

Mary, that is a great exercise. Since my husband and I attend different churches, we usually discuss what our services covered and any other special events within our churches so that helps.

In Sunday School this week there was an exercise for the children to learn the Ten Commandments in order by making up a mnemonic device. They had to pick one word from each commandment and then use the first letter of each of those words in the order of the commandments to make a sentence they could easily remember. It is a good device. I need to do it myself. I was busy getting together the next activity or I would have done it during class. I just used the example in the book for the sample. You can look up mnemonics for the Ten Commandments on the web if you want so other ideas.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Janice, This is a wonderful idea. I think most of us remember many of the ten commandment. Many of us can't remember the order, though, so when someone refers to #6, for example, we'd normally have to look it up. Yet, these commandments are very important. Thanks for you idea. Nice to see you this morning.

Bonnie Roof said...

Hi, Mary!

No, I don't have a memory device - but I should! I have the same problem - remembering what the previous Sunday's sermon was about. My pastor DOES outline his sermon on a screen on stage, with blanks left for the congregation to fill in key words - in their weekly bulletin (passed out when entering the sanctuary). I HAVE been able to keep up with the bulletins, but often, don't take the opportunity to review them - and I SHOULD, as they are some of the most important things my mind absorbs each week! I DO read scripture, devotionals, and pray - daily.

Thanks for the reminder, Mary!

Mary Vee Writer said...

Ahh, Bonnie, we are walking the same road. And, FYI this happens to people of all ages. My week gets so busy that those things push their way in front of the sermon thoughts. Hah! Step aside busy tasks, I shall foil you with a memory game.