Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Starry Night

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I love long sunny days. Preferably ten o'clock sunsets. Today I am searching for reasons to be glad about the early setting sun. 

I must admit, leaving the house in the dark for an evening activity isn't fun--until I happen to look up at the starry sky. What an amazing spectacle sprinkled above. 

Embedded in the black velvety background are flickers of light. Some planets, some stars. Tonight, if you can spare the time, grab your coat and feast your eyes.

God created and has used stars for our benefit.

For example, God lovingly told a very old Abraham that although he had no children at the time, his descendants would be like the stars in the sky. By faith, Abraham believed.

Yet another time, many years later God used a special star to guide Magi from the east to the place where Jesus lived. Oddly enough, Herod's wise men knew the history and steered the wise men on the correct path where they saw the star again and followed it to the Christ child. Their expensive gifts helped Joseph and Mary.
photo courtesy

Wouldn't it be breathtaking to have seen that unique star?

God has made the stars using specific patterns which have been learned and assimilated into other training by sailors and travelers on land to find their way. 

Names have been given to the groups of stars based on shapes. These names have ben taught by older generations to younger and they intern use the information in many ways. 

I wonder, which one was The star seen by the Magi.

Have you used the stars to find the correct direction to travel or enjoyed an evening walk while gazing at the sky? What shapes have you seen?

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