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Fabulous Friday Feature: Nelle Cooper

Today I welcome 
author, Nelle Cooper 

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Princess Lil

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I met Nelle at the Great Lakes ACFW meeting this year. She introduced herself to several of us, she was so friendly and warm. I immediately asked her to join us here on Let's Talk. I asked Nelle to tell us how God led her on her writing journey. Here is what she said:

God's Tool

Reading and writing poses questions similar to the chicken and the egg argument. We start as children, drawing pictures and telling people about them. Then we learn to read and to write. Story, flows from the heart of a child and some of us never lose our delight in the weaving of a story.

I am one.

My mother was ill during my childhood. We lived on a large dairy farm. I would carry my tablet and pencil, walk through the fields toward a boulder in the fencerow or a low limb in the woods, sit there and write.

As I grew older, I recorded my own experiences and those of others. My rural background had not prepared me for the impact the industrial age would have on my family. My world was changing rapidly.

The role of the modern woman metamorphosed before my eyes. I spent days, maybe weeks, typing a compilation of my thoughts about multiple topics. I saved it for many years, until field mice invaded the old valise and chewed the pages into confetti. I remember a little of what I wrote, my views about women’s rights, civil rights, the draft, Viet Nam, laws, on and on.

It is the only way I could empty myself of the frustration I felt that no one was listening and everyone was yelling.

God has blessed me with wonderful Christian mentors and pastors throughout my life.  My writings usually have a moral premise. After I started spinning wool and blending fibers, I realized, I was using a similar technique to develop my stories; picking up threads of life and spinning them.

There have been periods of interruptions in my writing. Once, I was publically embarrassed when a friend loudly proclaimed, “Getting a letter from you is like getting a letter from Mammy Yokum.” I stopped writing for years. Since that time, I have learned two truths about writing.

1) I write, because I cannot, not write. The thoughts come, the words flow, and the message pours out.
2) Criticism is a gift, as the receiver, I have the ultimate decision to glean from it and possibly grow or to discard it.

Two years ago, I was diagnosed with a serious health condition. As I worked through the process of grieving the loss of my active lifestyle, I found myself with Bible and journal, paper and pencil, and now a computer and delete button.

It was time to take my writing on to a more serious level. To work with all my heart, body, mind and soul, to pull from those life experiences both painful and joyful and to reach out to others with words. I cried out to God, “I don’t know how.”

Scripture tells us God never calls someone to do something they can do without Him; He calls those who know they cannot do the job without Him.

I realize as I speak with my family, neighbors, and new people in my life, this whole endeavor of writing may have nothing to do with me. Perhaps someone will look my work and say, “Whew! If she thinks she can write a book, I sure can.”

Maybe I am a tool God will use to encourage another and that is fine. I know, He knows, that is fine with me.   

I currently write devotional books, short stories, children’s stories, and novels. I research, struggle, read, study, write, reread, and delete as needed.

The joy of writing brings so many wonderful people into my life. Through marketing my children’s book, “Princess Lil”, people stop by, read the topic of bullying and tell me their experiences, their child’s experience, their husbands, or their wife’s experience. They share painful memories and when they walk away, I thank God for those few moments I was there to hear their story. Sometimes, I ask God, “Is that why I wrote this book? For him or her?”

Then I resume my activity content that I don’t need to know the why, I only need to be obedient.   Write the Book!

Link to Amazon 
Author bio:  Inspired by her granddaughter and other loved ones, Nelle Cooper wrote Princess Lil for children coping with mean peers as they learn to be kind and loyal friends. A registered nurse, Nelle has been writing stories all her life. She shares a restored centennial farmhouse in rural Michigan with her husband and cat.

Princess Lil is a sad pony. Her little girl grew up and went away. Now Lil is in a scary place with lots of mean ponies.

A fun furry farm-cat called Taffy and a nice roan horse named Pearly try to help. It even looks like Princess Lil might have a chance to cheer up special-needs children too, but she is already too hurt and too sick.

Princess Lil is about the differences between loyal friends and those who bully others. It shows the power of caring about ourselves and the people who look out for us.

Is it too late for a sad pony in a scary place? The answer might just depend on how much we all love Princess Lil.

Facebook: Nelle Cooper
Twitter handle: @NelleCooper

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Thank you, Nelle, for Joining us This Weekend!

Nelle's ministry to those who have been bullied is one that has brought encouragement to many. Perhaps you have been given a purpose to write a book. We are here to encourage you. Do you have a question?


rbooth43 said...

What an inspiring sounding book for children and adults too! my grandson would love to read this book!
rbooth43 at yahoo dot com

squiresj said...

Loved the interview. I would love to win, read and review. jrs362 at Hotmail dot com

Mary Vee Writer said...

Hi Rebecca!
Nice to see you. Hope you are enjoying your holidays. This book is rather inexpensive, so if you don't win, I highly recommend purchasing it for your grandson.
Looking forward to seeing you again!

Mary Vee Writer said...

Hi Jane.
Nice to see you so early in the morning. I put a link for the book if you want to purchase it. This is a nice read.
Happy New Year!