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A Christmas Story Just for You-Part 4

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This is the part four

of the story, Purple Memories. 

My Christmas gift to you.

Purple Memories

Part Four (scroll down for parts one, two, and three)
By Mary Vee

Leah left the jacket in the attic to prevent an awkward situation and followed the children down the stairs.  Uncle Alan and his family finally arrived. He scooped each child from the stairs, twirled her around once and set her on the floor then grabbed the next.

"What took you so long, huh, Uncle Alan?" the girls whined.

A whimsical smile poke through his serious gaze. "I had to eat all of the cookies before we came."

"No! You couldn't have!" "You ate all the Christmas cookies?" "You didn't bring any?"

The cacophony of protests brought Grandma to the scene. Her voice and presence commanded quiet. "Children. You know Aunt Cindy would never let him touch the cookies before we opened the presents. As a matter of fact, she hid them here." 

The children burst into laughter and pointed at their uncle.

"So that's where they went." Alan pretended to pout. "Let me guess. You hid them under my old bed."

She squinted at him and raised a crooked pointer finger. "Yes, they are. And you, my son, will serve all the children cookies before you taste one bite."

He looked at the floor and swished his foot. "Ah, Ma."

Leah laughed at the power the woman still had over her towering adult child. 

The chattering and laughter suddenly quieted as bells rang from Grandpa's old record player."Bells!" The traditional signal allowed the kids to open the doors and lead the parade into the family room. The adults sat on sofas and chairs while the children staked out a place on the floor. 

Grandpa opened his Bible to Luke 2 and handed it to the third oldest grandchild. "It's your turn to read this year." 

"It is?" The boy beamed, forgetting he had the family honor this year. He accepted Grandpa's Bible and stood near the one light in the room.

"And it came to pass…." He read through the entire passage, stumbling only a few times. When he finished, he closed the Bible and handed it back to Grandpa.

"And now, children," Grandpa held up the first gift as Christmas music continued to play from his office, "Come help me deliver packages."

"Can I say something, first?" Luke stood and walked in front of the Christmas tree.

The kids whined. "Can't it wait?"

"This is important. It'll only take a minute, I promise."

Grandpa leaned against the hearth. "Okay Luke. If it's that important."

Luke cleared his throat. Leah had never seen him nervous before. The man would normally be a natural on a stage. His legs wobbled as he walked in front of the girl he'd been dating for some time. He reached for Sherri's hands and bowed down on one knee.

Without a script, the women in the room said ooooo on cue.

"Sherri--" his voice cracked and the kids giggled. He tugged a small box from his jeans front pocket and held it out toward her. "Will you marry me?"

The room silenced except for the music. Leah held her breath along with the others, waiting for the answer Luke clearly hoped for.

She leaned forward and put her hand on his face. "Luke, I--" There was a dreaded pause.

One Christmas song ended adding to the eerie quiet. One of the little princesses climbed on her mom's lap. "What is Uncle Luke doing?" 

"Shush, honey." 

Sherri kissed him on the cheek. She shook her head then sighed. "Gotcha! Of course I'll marry you." She took the box and opened it. A glistening diamond reflected the Christmas lights. "Oh, Luke, it's lovely."

He pulled the ring out of the box and slid it on her ring finger. "I love you, so much."

"I love you too, Luke." She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him.

Without a doubt, Sherri was Luke's perfect match. A roaring applause and cheers of congratulations broke the quiet. 

One of the granddaughters walked up to Luke and pulled on his pant leg. "Captain pirate, can we pass out the gifts now?"

Everyone laughed. He tickled her until she tumbled to the floor. "Have ye swabbed the deck?"

"No, sir."

"Well, since it's Christmas eve and since Miss Sherri just nudged me, she thinks she's the captain, I suppose the decks can wait until tomorrow."

All the grandkids jumped up and down cheering and clapping.

………The fifth layer of this six part story will be unwrapped Monday

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Nike Chillemi said...

Beautiful. Brought a tear to my eyes even though I'm reading it after Christmas.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Thank you, Nike. :)