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A Christmas Story Just for You - Part 3

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This is the part three

of the story, Purple Memories. 

My Christmas gift to you.

Purple Memories

Part Three (scroll to last week for parts one and two)
By Mary Vee

Leah led the five giggly nieces and nephews up to the attic. In all the years she'd visited this beautiful large home, she'd only heard about the memories stored behind the door. The special objects and their meanings had not been forgotten, only in need of a place. She couldn't tell who was more excited, the kids or her. 

"Who's ready for me to open the door?"

Five hands sprang into the air. "Me," they squealed.

Leah wrapped her hand around the knob and turned it. The door screeched as she hoped--the true sign of an attic with hidden treasure. Little hands grab her pant legs while older ones looped their arms into hers. She reached inside and flipped on the lights. 

"Ooooo. Look, Aunt Leah." Their eyes widened. 

Cobwebs draped from rafters like elegant curtains. The odd shaped room had boxes marked clothing to the right, a four story doll house and rocking horse guarding a chest to the left, and in the middle, a hodgepodge of lamps, trophies, high school jackets, and other to be discovered objects. 

The kids panned out snaking their way through narrow paths. 

Leah walked to the high school jackets. A brown and white one hung on a coat rack. She ran her fingers across the name, Jerry. Her heart warmed with memories of him catching the winning pass one game. She pulled the coat from its hanger and wrapped it around her, sensing a semblance of his scent. 

A few steps farther, she found an old rocking chair nestled in a cove. She sat without brushing the dust away and hugged Jerry's jacket close while listening to the expected creaking of the chair. 

The attic door opened with a whoosh. "Who has entered my dominion?"

The kids giggled and screamed. They scurried like little rats seeking a hiding place. Their whispers, "Uncle Luke won't find us here," gave away their positions.

"Ah hah! My treasure chest is still safe." His steps echoed loud across the floor. Leah leaned to the right to watch him. He picked up a black scarf and tied it around his head, covering one eye. A toy sword slid into his jeans belt buckle. "Yo ho, where is my crew? I'll search the whole land 'till I have ye swabbing the deck. To be sure."

The children slithered closer to the rocking chair. Layered in dresses much to long and necklaces dripping to their feet, the girls peeked through the support posts of the chair. Leah pressed her pointer to her lips and winked. The boys pulled toy guns from their holsters and aimed them for the ceiling.

"Where are ye? Come out or I'll have to throw ye into the brink."  

The young boys charged forward toward Uncle Luke. He scooped them together and tickled the bundle refusing to stop with their calls for mercy. 

"I think the boys need your help, girls."

The flock of princesses frolicked toward the pirate. "Release them at once, Mr. Pirate."

Luke bowed to the princesses. "Excuse my ladies, but I simply must tickle these ruffians. You understand, I'm quite sure."

Leah giggled as loud as the children. Luke had the same playful charm his brother Jerry had. She pulled the jacket tighter around her. Thank you God for this memory. I can't give him a gift, again. She sighed. At least he'll spend Christmas with you.

The princesses returned to their wardrobes and swapped their accessories for new ones. A few found big floppy hats, others slipped on sparkly high-heeled shoes. One crept behind the boxes. "Look what I found. It's a Christmas present." She brought it to Leah.

"Looks like this one ran away from the others. Will you put it under the tree when we go downstairs?"

Her smile twinkled and she hugged the gift. "Can I keep it? It has a lovely purple ribbon." 

"We'll have to ask Grandma who it belongs to when we open the gifts."

Her smiled turned to a serious look. "I'll make sure this gets under the tree."

"Good girl."

The attic door flung open with a soft thud. "Luke, Sherri is here. Kids, the last uncle arrived, too. And I think I hear the Christmas bells!"

The children knew this was the signal calling the family to the Christmas tree. The boys squirmed out of Luke's reach, flung their toys to the floor and charged down the stairs. The girls followed, taking an extra minute to remove layers of accessories and princess dresses. They clomped down the stairs cheering for Christmas.

Luke set his pirate patch and toy sword back in the treasure chest. "You okay, Leah?"

She pressed a smile. "Thanks to this special family, I am more than okay. I am thankful and blessed."

………The fourth layer of this six part story will be unwrapped Wednesday

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Nike Chillemi said...

I'm enjoying the story. :)

Mary Vee Writer said...

Thank you, Nike. Nice to see you here. Blessings on your Christmas.