Monday, November 25, 2013

To Those We Love

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I think the Great Orchestrator plans events tailored to each of us.

God knows what sounds, sights, smells, textures, tastes bring the perfect affect to stir our hearts, or yank us away from someplace we should not be.

God is so good, kind, loving, and caring.

Happy November 25th! Whenever I see "25" as part of the date, my mind immediately leaps to thoughts of my favorite holiday. I love Christmas. Celebrating Jesus' birthday is an event I am willing to spend months in preparation. 

This year, my extra efforts to celebrate and honor the One who came to save me involved making a unique Christmas card using an online company. I wrote a special message focused on Jesus, inserted special photos of my family and tailored cards for hubby's side of the family and cards for my side. It took two days on the computer to make them perfect. I can't wait to receive them in the mail then send them out to family and friends. 

I kinda feel like the kindergartner who made a special picture for Daddy, stuffed it in my pocket, fell into the puddle on the way home, and pulled the soggy remains out to show Him. I know what His loving eyes will say. "Well done, Mary. This picture is absolutely stunning." He will then place it on the refrigerator using a magnet and proudly point it out to all walking by. "This was made by my daughter, Mary." God is so understanding.

I must admit, I will not be pressing through crowds on black Friday. This is not what Christmas is to me. But I will walk through the malls, city streets, and event halls many days between Thanksgiving and Christmas listening, watching, touching, tasting, and smelling--absorbing the gifts God has given us.  

I spoke with a young mom last week. She shared her enthusiasm about Christmas, pointing out her desire to teach her children this was Jesus Birthday. She also said she didn't like the whole Christmas tree thing. Her children wanted a big tree and the lights, but she thought it was just a holiday tradition.

This brought an aha moment for me to share. "Did you know Martin Luther was the first to bring a tree into his home and set candles on the branches to demonstrate Jesus is the light of the world?" 

She stopped and pondered the idea then said, "I didn't know that." 

Maybe there will be a fully decorated tree for her children to enjoy this year. 

Yes, this is Thanksgiving week and many feel Christmas moments need to wait.  Sorry, gang. I am a balloon buster on this one. I think of Christmas all year long! That is my story, and my quirk. (Can you guess what music I am listening to while writing this post?)

But I will be celebrating Thanksgiving with you all this week. I'll try to be more Thanksgivingish on Wednesday. :)

What stirs your heart? No matter the season your heart feels like hot chocolate by a fireplace or a sunny beach by the ocean every time this event happens. What is your story? C'mon…I confessed….your turn.

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