Monday, November 4, 2013

Introducing- Janey, a Foster Child

Janey is a character in my recently completed manuscript. 

Using skills I learned while earning my Masters Degree, and experiences working as a case worker for low income families, little Janey became a vibrant character.

While only seven years old, she had been shuffled through several foster homes. All initially expressing their warmth and joy in welcoming her into their home. It didn't take long, though, before something happened. Janey always knew she would have to leave when Ms. Donovan showed at the door.

One day, while Janey visited with her neighbor friend, Samantha, the two came up with a sparkling fun idea for foster kids. She didn't know how it happened. Janey talked about school, Samantha talked about her marketing job. Somewhere in the conversation one thought touched another and the idea burst into something fantastic.

Samantha used her marketing skills to set the wheels in motion. Janey helped to name the idea and gave more suggestions.

It was a time when Janey felt useful and respected. She even felt wanted.

When my manuscript is accepted for publication, you'll have a chance to meet Janey and Sam.

In the meantime, as we are coming up to the holiday seasons, lets talk about those we can reach out to, a special someone we can help feel useful, respected, wanted.

One church I attended had a great program for the widows. Families in the church signed up to informally adopt a widow. The widow was invited to family functions, driven to places, helped when buying groceries. One day the widow we were linked with broke her hip. We visited her everyday in the hospital and treated her as grandma for our children. When she was healthy enough to go home we went to her apartment and vacuumed for her, took her trash out, and watched TV with her. As for useful, she took on the role of grandparent for our children. 

What ideas do you have? How can we help someone feel useful, respected, and wanted.


Janice said...

Perhaps those who are home bound in the church could be enlisted to be prayer warriors and partnered with teenagers, single moms, newly widowed or divorced women or men in in the church,etc. A weekly or even daily phone call or email for updates and fellowship could be mutually beneficial.

Looking forward to reading your book. It sounds wonderful.

Blessings, Janice

Mary Vee Writer said...

Great ideas, Janice.
I hope many readers will share their ideas. Maybe something old for one will be something new for another. :)
Nice to see you here on this chilly day, Janice.