Wednesday, November 6, 2013

How We Can Help With Holiday Season Shopping

During last Saturday's shopping trip, my daughter discussed a problem she experienced while working for a store. She had some good thoughts how we shoppers can be more money wise. I asked her to share with you what was on her mind.

Topic: Required duties of Store employees
Problem: What shoppers don't realize
Thoughts by Carly Vee

Walking around a grocery store, we see sections of fresh vegetables, fruits, and meats.
We may find bananas with tiny brown spots or slightly softened apples or cucumbers.

I worked in a store that has a grocery section. At the end of each night, my fellow workers and I went from shelf to shelf in the freezer section, reorganizing the merchandise and making the items look presentable.  

This task took the least amount of time in our shift. We were told to straighten the rows of frozen pizzas, chicken nuggets, prepackaged dinners, and etc. The only equipment we needed was ourselves, a small PDA that we carried everywhere, and a garbage can.

That’s right.  A garbage can.

We didn't have to check the dates and remove old food about to expire. That had been done earlier by workers who stocked the shelves. 

There were no open, torn, or even dented boxes to remove. This, too, had been done earlier.

Our task was simple: Straighten the rows and throw away anything not where it belonged.

Whether it was chicken nuggets in with the ice cream, or one frozen pizza in with a different brand, the items were removed from the freezer, labeled “Spoiled,” and tossed in the trash can.

If you change your mind about buying a product please take the time to put it back where it belongs. 


When my daughter shared this with me, I wanted to write a letter to someone, somewhere to ask why these non expired, perfectly packaged products couldn't be donated to soup kitchens or other similar organizations. 

Maybe you have an idea. 

I think this is something we should get on our soap box about. 

Let's Talk...what ideas do you have?


J.Grace said...

Informative post, I had no idea food was thrown away like that. There are so many people begging for money or food on the streets where I live, it's so unfortunate groceries stores and restaurants throw so much away.

I do know of stores discounting dented cans and ripe fruit though.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Yeah. I've heard Walmart does. My daughter worked at a different store...won't say the name. But if one is doing it, others are. And Walmart is probably throwing away stuff that is good, just not "pretty" too.

Janice said...

Not sure what a good solution would be, however, what is currently done is so wasteful. Even if the store hosted an event for the community where there was a giant bowl of soup to be dished out in something like a block party or parking lot tailgaters at the grocery store event? It would give good publicity for the store and bring the community together. Maybe it could be a fundraiser for the local foodbank? Some of the food might be used to feed local zoo animals or at petting farm animals, etc.

Mary Vee Writer said...

All of these ideas are great springboards, Janice. Thanks for sharing.