Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Book Review Day-When the Clouds Roll By by Myra Johnson

So fitting for this week as we celebrate Veterans Day!

The book I am reviewing today, When the Clouds Roll By, by Myra Johnson, is a compelling story that will keep you away from watching TV and keep you awake past midnight turning pages. 

Set in Hot Springs, Arkansas, Lt. Gilbert Ballard dreads going home. His fiancĂ© deserves to marry someone who has not been injured. Angry with his disability, Gilbert begs his friend, Sam, to take care of Annemarie. Although tempted by her beauty, Sam refuses, knowing one day Gilbert will heal mentally and learn to deal with his physical disability. 

Annemarie loves Gilbert with all her heart. She begs to see him in the hospital, but he refuses to see her for weeks. Determined to let him know she still loves him, Annemarie talks Sam into helping her visit Gilbert. Her disappointment turns to hurt when Gilbert breaks off their engagement.

As chaplain for the suffering soldiers, Sam complies with Gilbert's wishes by insuring Annemarie has what she needs. Spending time with someone as kind and lovely as Annemarie, though, becomes difficult. He admits he is attracted to her. 

The affects of war toy with Gilbert's healing, with Sam's battle scars chiseling away at his faith in God, and with Annemarie's desires to be faithful to what God wants her to do. 

Myra Johnson's story draws us back to the days after World War I, but the compassionate and heart riveting truths woven in the words are applicable today. Walk the streets of Hot Springs with those who are learning to survive and adapt to civilian life. 

What I especially appreciated about Myra's book is her choice to paint the picture as it really is with word choices that help us understand the trauma without writing a horror story. I wanted to feel the issues and yet turn pages. Myra did this.

I also especially appreciated her strength to give the reader the ending we knew should be written, yet thought wouldn't be--as opposed to the initial predictable one. 

You'll view Veterans Day with a new mind and heart
after reading When the Clouds Roll By.

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1. Do you like historical fiction? If so, why?
2. Is there a period of time you prefer to read for historical fiction?
3. Did you do something special for Veteran's Day?

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