Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What Makes You Giggle?

My son has an apartment. He moved out several years ago. Like most sons, he grew to be taller than his mom and likes to have fun with that. 

He also has a contagious laugh. Seriously, he could get anyone to laugh. 

What is his inspiration? None other than his favorite comic book collection. He gave me permission to share this small representation:

Dear Calvin and Hobbs, 

You did what we thought and often still think. Too bad, we can't get away with the things you do.

Dear Pearls Before Swine, 

You remain my son's favorite. Why? 

Dear Dilbert,

You captured the true nature of my office setting more than you'll ever know! 

Dear Fox Trot,

You tell the secrets of the American family. Why is it funny when it happens to you?

Friend, What makes you giggle? Do you have a favorite comic series? Perhaps a comedy team like Three Stooges? Take a memory trip to your favorite one and enjoy a laugh today.


Peggy said...

It's fun seeing your son's comic collection. My son collected all things Garfield...books, cards, stuffed Garfields, you name it. As for what makes me laugh, I'd have to say Carol Burnett. I never missed her shows. Saw her recently on TV and she's still hilarious.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Carol did have a keen sense of humor. Loved the signal she gave her mom at the end of each show. She was a talented comedian.

Suzanne said...

My children have drawn me into the technological version of humor. Now when I want (or need) a dose of humor, I visit a website that posts funny auto-corrections. I also love memes and teen quotes. These one-liners often have my family pegged, and when we share one after the other after the other, we're all in giggles.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Totally! My teen finds memes and laughs so hard. When she finally stops she shows them to us and starts laughing all over. Great times!

Bonnie said...

Hi, Mary!

Enjoyed viewing your son's comic book collection! I haven't looked at comic books recently, but have never seen any of these comic books - are they sold at magazine stands?

I'm not a comedic fan of current movies, or tv shows, & seldom watch a movie more than once - but, have watched Turner & Hooch, several times, because it makes me laugh. Children, & animals, make me laugh - also the humor of Liz Curtis Higgs, & Julie Lessman.