Monday, October 14, 2013

Unity and Tragedy

Rather than show the scorched building,
I am showing the front of the church.
The mission of the saints
Those of you who are friends with me on Facebook (and if we aren't friends-send me a request, I will gladly friend you), may have seen my posts from this last week.

The church I attended as a child and grew up in, burst into flames last Saturday, gutting much of the structure. We aren't sure why. Someone suggested a new boiler might have been an issue. Within seconds, beloved church friends formed a message thread on Facebook to pray. We invited childhood friends who had moved to other states and shared with them what we knew.

Those living locally watched the news and reported updates. One person walked close to the scene to get pictures and post them.

My heart ached horribly over the event. So many memories, all in praise and honor to the King. 

We stayed up into the very late hours, sharing God's work accomplished in that building, and rose early the next day to tell how we had been changed for the kingdom and how we witnessed others change and grow strong in a new faith.

Tragedies like this are so very bitter to taste. 

Those involved---plus an added outer layer of new friends who never set foot in that building, yet tenderly saw our anguish--drew together as a body of believers despite distance separating us over time.

Those attending the church now have a choice to clear the area and build a new building or rebuild and repair damaged areas.  For now, worship will take place on the grounds. It's cold outside. Please pray for those still living in the neighborhood.

As for the rest of us who moved too far away to roll up our sleeves and help, our memories have been stirred to the great work God did and will do in days and years to come. We also have many other ways to help the rebuilding of a beloved facility used by saints to continue the work in that neighborhood.

May God bless and grow ministries all over the world, serving Him.

Tragedy isn't easy. I soaked many tissues. God always knows. He always cares. And He will always be our strong tower. How has God blessed you or someone you know after a tragedy?


bonton said...

Sorry to hear about the church, Mary - praying for you, the church attendees, & the rebuilding. God is in control, & has something even better, in store for all of you.

One of the best examples of being blessed after tragedy, are several friends of mine - who have each had children, after having miscarriages.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Thank you, Bonnie.
Miscarriage is a a hardship to go through, I agree.
How blessed we are to have others in our lives who empathize with us.
Thanks for commenting today, Bonnie:)