Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Glass--Dark or Stunning Clarity

Photo by Mary Vee
In my last manuscript, Who Invited Hank, the hero and main character encountered several problems with no immediate solution.

After years of squabbling, two families successfully built a wall between a once treasured relationship.

The main character's family moved east and the hero's family stayed in the west. 

Grounded in clouded thinking, both families learned to bury the beloved friendship once binding two best friends from long ago.

God sees us doing silly things like this all the time. 

We stop going to a certain church because someone offends us. We change banks, grocery stores, stand in a different line to avoid a cashier, move to a new city, and stop speaking to the neighbor because . . . sometimes we don't know why.

Our thoughts become clouded. We misunderstand. We do the things we don't want to do and  leave undone that which we should do. 
Photo of the same scene as the above
but later in the day. by Mary Vee

The Apostle Paul says we see through a glass darkly, but someday we are going to see God face to face.

One day-- The clarity will be stunning.

As you probably guessed, the main character and hero rely on God to help them find a way to reunite their family. Someday I hope the story will be published and give you a chance to read what happened.

God is willing to help us when life seems cloudy. His Word offers great comfort. His church gives hugs and assistance. Music praising God soothes. Prayer and meditation draw us closer to Him.

May your day be blessed with a clear view of what God has for you.

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bonton said...

Mary, I think keeping a journal of blessings, such as Ann Voskamp suggests in 1000 Gifts, is a wonderful idea - to remind us just how much God loves us, & wants us to be completely happy by following His plan for our lives, & also - just how grateful we should be!

I try to write encouraging comments, daily, for as many Christian writers/authors, as possible.

Mary Vee Writer said...

What a great idea! Thank you for sharing Ann Voskamp's 1000 Gifts.

And :) You are so right. I am a benefactor of those encouraging comments. :)
Loved chatting with you today.