Monday, October 7, 2013

The Activity That Opens Doors

For my writing time today, I researched places and people for my new manuscript. I watched You Tube clips which included how to's, interviews, and on location testimonials/travelogs. Great! I visited New York City and the Rocky Mountains all in one day.

Today's post is brought to you by one single comment I heard while watching a video in my research.

My story opens on the campus of Juilliard, a specialized music, theater, and dance school in New York City. Beginners need not apply. Only the best and driven to learn walk the halls.

One drama student shared a particularly fun activity. The video showed a room with mirrors, even on the ceiling. "You see yourself and learn to accept what you see--good and bad. You see your strong self, your funny/happy self, and yes, your deep, dark self."

I thought her youthful words carried wisdom. 

I first asked myself, would it be all right to do this activity with my hair curled and make-up on.  My inner self answered, sure. Taking the time to fix your hair and put on make-up reveals a  caring quality about you. 

I asked myself, would it be all right to do this activity when I came home from an uplifting church service, a game where my child scored points, a concert where community players filled the hall with exhiliarating music. My inner self answered, sure. Going to these events solidifies what matters to you.

I asked myself, would it be all right to do this activity when I have a paint, dust, earth, sweat, and etc. on my skin? My inner self answered, sure. Working hard and using time wisely demonstrates focus and determination.

I asked myself, would it be all right to do this activity when I come home with a small coffee stain on my blouse after meeting with friends and laughing. My inner self answered, sure. Stains can be cleaned from the blouse, but the residue of the laughter is a blessing that can not be taken away.

Of course we should also include the ugly. I asked myself, do I have to do this activity after getting angry at the rude driver who cut me off and came within two inches of my car, nearly causing a domino car accident. My inner self answered, duh! Is this not also a part of you? The part sweet Jesus died also died for because He loves you. Get it together girl, "Go and sin no more." 


So are you ready to try the activity? No need to share secrets. Can you step in front of the mirror and look for those hidden super wonderful parts of you that others have seen in you?

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