Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Has The Fall Wind Up Fizzled?

The school year/sports season/event practice is in full swing.

We've stepped up to the plate and volunteered

For Too Much.

Are you running ragged, wishing you hadn't committed to so much? I see all those hands up out there.

Perhaps some of you are considering which activity you could bow out of with the most grace, at this very moment.

Ah huh.

The problem isn't always the activity we agreed to do, our eyes have been opened and we're reminded about the time constraints and having to leave the house when a storm is raging and wouldn't it just be nice to stay home for once?

Ah huh.

Guess who's talking to you.

Wednesday is my main ministry night. I have volunteered with AWANA, stepping into every position possible, for too many years to count. Sometimes I wonder, maybe I'm taking the blessing away from someone else? Bad choice to let this thought sneak into my brain. It wedges the door open for tons of nasty thoughts.

This grousing isn't any good. Last week, I told the story of Cain and Able to the Sparks group (K-2). I pointed out Cain's grumblings, what he did to Abel, and his pleadings to God to be merciful for the punishment was too great. God in His loving kindness, despite the sin, enforced the punishment with a proviso. He gave Cain a mark to prevent anyone from killing him. 

I said, "God wanted Cain to know He would take care of him and would continue to show His love."

One little girl looked up and said softly, "Will He do it for us?"  Oh my. The precious question stopped me quick. I thought of how intently she listened to the story, her thought process, how she applied it to something on her mind, and how she felt at liberty to ask. The joy at hearing this question showed me how very much God is at work in the hearts of these little ones. Then, I had the privilege to tell her and the whole group looking at me and waiting for the answer. "Yes. God will do it for you, too."

These are the moments that keep us in the ministry God has called us to.

Friend: Reflect back over the ministries you have done. Which have you enjoy the most and why?

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Peggy said...

For several years, I worked on the planning team for an annual Girlfriends Retreat for the women of our church. We put everything we had into making each woman feel special, and God always blessed us and our efforts in countless ways. I loved having a part in what often became a life-changing weekend for many women.

Unknown said...

Definitely in a "running ragged" season now. But it's okay because I love it all and don't know what I'd possibly give up. :)

My day job is one of the ministries I most enjoy actually. I mean, I don't always love the every day work--the spreadsheets or monthly reports or feeling like I'm doing the job of three people (which is the norm for nonprofit work). But I love knowing I'm part of a cool ministry that's really helping people and changing lives...that's a good, good feeling.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Aww, your comment reminded me of the many times I sat on the receiving ends of ministries like yours. Words, phrases came back to mind at just the right time to help me. There are more than you know who are thankful for what you do.

Mary Vee Writer said...

And, which I'm sure you know, the best moments are when those we help smile. That's all it takes. One of those awesome smiles. You probably are visualizing some in your mind right now. Beautiful, isn't it?

bonton said...

The ministry I enjoyed the most, was as a cast member of a passion play on the life of Christ - an altar call was given at the end of each performance, & I was fortunate enough to witness - people accepting Christ through something I had had a part in. The play also ministered to me each night, along with the audience.

Mary Vee Writer said...

What a blessing, Bonnie.
I'm so glad you had the opportunity and that you were able to do this.
God is good.