Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I couldn't figure out, for the longest time, why I had such a problem choosing a topic to write for this post.

Ideas always popped into my head then are filtered into something that met the standards I'd set for this website:

1. A topic I can say at least something about.
2. A topic you, my friend, would be interested in.
3. A topic that solicits comments because I don't want to just talk to myself.
4. A topic that honors Christ in some way.

And as I worked ahead (since I will be at the ACFW conference), I looked at the date this post would be published. 9/11

Then I understood the reason for the struggle. 

This date represents so much. I know where I was when thousands of people sipped their last drop of coffee, when the power went out and men were trapped, when the structure around women's offices crushed down on them, when their families heard from them no more.

My heart groans for the family and friends affected--as they remember those they knew.

So, I will set aside my cup of tea this morning, bow my head and pray for them.

Father, you know who the men, women, and children are affected directly by the 9/11 terrorist attack. Their questions will arise again today. They will relive their loss, and desire a hug from their loved one. Hold them close with your loving arms. Whisper words of comfort to their aching hearts. If there is still a need whether financially, psychologically, spiritually, or physically please provide for them and show them how much a God of love cares for those who hurt.

Many will choose to withdraw, some will make their needs known. May Your loving grace see them through this time and supply all their needs that they may know You.

And if we who chat here today know anyone who has this need, may we be the one you send  to offer a cup of kindness.


Friend, if you would like, please add your prayer for those who not only struggle with 9/11 but  any who have needs of any sort. Let's lift our voices to the Lord.


Mary Vee Writer said...

Hi, Mary,

I am posting this for Janice.

I hope you are having a great conference. I am using my Smart Phone for Web access and can get to your site but it seems to freeze up and nothing happens when I click on the comment link. Maybe a glitch with my phone or maybe the site is not fully set up for mobile comments. I appreciated your 9/11 post. So appropriate.


bonton said...

Wonderfully done post about a tragedy so close to the heart of everyone!

Thanks, Mary!