Wednesday, August 7, 2013

She Sat Alone in an Exquisite Restaurant

Mission Point, Mackinaw Island
photo by Mary Vee
This week I had the wonderful opportunity to celebrate my anniversary at an exquisite restaurant, Chianti located in the Mission Point resort on Mackinac Island. Very expensive. Very worth the money.

Hubby and I were shown our finely decorated table near the windows overlooking the harbor. The hostess placed our cloth napkins in our laps, handed us our menus pre-opened, and informed us our waiter would be with us shortly.

To me the restaurant earned a four star at this moment. (I am told no American restaurant can earn a five star) 

I couldn't help but notice others dining around us. The writer never rests.

To our left sat a couple about ten years older than my husband and me. The woman had blonde hair and honestly looked like a Hilary Clinton clone. The man was the social one. He spoke with animation to the waiter, and looked around the room. Sadly the couple spoke little to each other. I felt sorry for them and hoped it wasn't their anniversary. So much money spent in silence.

Shortly after, a young woman dressed in jeans and had her hair pulled back in a lose pony tail was seated at the table by the window by herself. She smiled and looked at her menu. A young man dressed in jeans and a nice shirt approached the back of her chair and playfully poked her arm. He sat on the chair next to her. They ordered one meal, sharing the food, and playfully talked the whole time. In between the courses they held hands. Sigh, how very sweet.
Mackinaw Bridge, Photo by Mary Vee

My husband joined my game. He noticed a young woman sitting alone several tables away. She gazed out the window with a sad countenance. After a time she ordered a meal for herself and for a second person. The dinners sat on the table uneaten as she continue to look out the window, alone. 

"How sad," I said. It's like the movie Lake House. Of course I had to explain the entire movie to my husband because he would never watch a chick flick. But because he is sweet and it was our anniversary, he let me tell him highlights from the movie. 

As we finished our first course, a man walked up to her table and sat on the chair next to her. The woman's face brightened. Sigh. This was Hallmark material.

Hubby and I had such fun talking throughout the meal, laughing, talking about the island, enjoying each other's company, observing those around us, watching the ships sailing by, and listening to the jazz dinner music being played on the grand piano near our table.
Special Anniversary Dessert at Chianti Restaurant
Photo by Mary Vee

As we finished our dinner the older couple paid their bill and left in silence. Our waiter came to our table and asked if we wanted to have dessert. "Oh yes." My husband has a special dessert he loves. He happened to mention our anniversary in the conversation. Our fantastic waiter brought hubby what he wanted and a special dessert for the two of us to share in celebration with his compliments. 

Somewhere in time Shop, Mackinac Island
Photo by Mary Vee

After paying our bill and getting up to leave, I saw the young playful couple still enjoying each other's company and the lonely lady, no longer lonely and still happily engaged in conversation with her companion.

In a way all three of the ladies I mentioned sat alone. The two younger ladies, although their companions were late, had a wonderful time. The older lady, although with a companion from the first moment, seemed the loneliest.

Friend, perhaps you know someone who needs their day brightened with a conversation. Maybe God directed this post to cause you to call someone who has been on your heart. Is there someone you could bring a spark of happiness to with a simple conversation? 


Unknown said...

Oh what a sweet post. And that dessert looks fabulous!

Unknown said...

Glad you had a Happy Anniversary!!

Mary Vee Writer said...

Thank you, Melissa. The dessert was a chocolate lovers delight. Somehow I think the waiter, although from Jamaica, seemed to know that this very American gal would love chocolate :) He was so sweet. He wished us another 35 years!

Mary Vee Writer said...

Thank you , Barbara. I appreciate you stopping by and chatting with us today.