Monday, August 12, 2013

It's as Busy as Christmas Time

Who would have thought that any time could be busier than Christmas?

It is in our house.

My oldest daughter is about to move to Arizona for her Masters program in Choral Conducting, (praying for you sweetie).

Grandpa is coming for a visit to celebrate oldest daughter's achievement. He is a gardner. Gorgeous plants flourish all around his home. I on the other hand have a very brown thumb. Rather than cleaning the house spit polish, which Grandpa will not notice, I am spending lots of time trying to make those poor plants look good for his visit.

The ACFW conference is coming up. How many of you are going? Make sure to find me there, I want to say hi to you. I finished my one sheet, my elevator pitch, my manuscript, and need to complete the various length synopsis. I also need to buy the perfect dress at a good price.

As you read in my last post, hubby and I celebrated our anniversary last week. 

Relatives from Germany came for a visit. Fortunately they spoke English to me. Hubby blabbered something in German to them. No clue what they said but they had fun.

Younger daughter is shifting her goals this is keeping us busy as we offer her the support she desperately needs.

Son is finishing his summer semester.

I love when the house bustles with activity.  

I think God does too. Wouldn't it be nice to see all the activity in the world He sees? (let's restrict that to the good stuff)

Friend, how has your summer been? How is it winding up for you this year. Have you had fun? Ready for fall?

Don't forget to join us for Shannon Taylor Vannetter's visit this weekend. It'll be a blast.


Janice said...

We have a similar situation with our son moving to Texas to begin a graduate/PhD program. Our summer has been one of anticipation of this event. Also, this has been the most rainy summer I ever remember, and cooler, too. Not a good year for the Global Warming folks . They need to reinvent themselves and change Warming to Humidity, as in Global Mugginess.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Hah, that is funny, Janice. I have to agree with you. We have mushrooms growing in our yard that shouldn't be there. And the skeeters...blech. I'm figuring September should ease up the pace for both of us, I hope.

Beth Steury said...

Life at our house is busy, busy as well! Sounds like you're all set for conference--good for you! So looking forward to seeing you! So, if i may ask, which manuscript will you be pitching?

Mary Vee Writer said...

Hey girl!
Who Invited Hank, of course. Mountains, avalanches, blizzards, feuds, true love. I love this story. You are bringing Preston with you, I hope.

bonton said...

My summer has been very busy also - unfortunately, not a lot of fun thus far. My father has stage 4 cancer, my mother has health problems, & I have been helping care for an aunt (that had a stroke,& fell & broke her hip)since Mar. 30th.

The Lord has given me the strength to endure - my aunt is making small improvements, & hopefully, I will be able to take a couple of weekend trips (to enjoy God's nature)before the end of the year.

Mary Vee Writer said...

As I was reading your first paragraph my thought was I hope she gets a chance to go for a walk in the park, stand/sit on a beach, hike in the woods, watch a sunset. Then I read your second para about your hopes. Come back and tell us if you get a chance to enjoy God's nature.

He loves you very much and is pleased you are willing to help those in need. Still, you need a chance to see God's smile through nature.