Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Recently two of my adult daughters went on a trip with me. For some silly reason, a GPS came up in our conversation. Could it be they didn't trust my driving?

Hah! We eventually made it back home.

What I wanted to share with you was their astute observations. The older one had borrowed a friend's GPS for a trip to Chicago. She attended her function and realized she didn't have a clue how to maneuver her way out of the city. She said, "I relied so completely on the GPS I didn't pay attention to anything. So basically I didn't learn anything about the city. I turned off the GPS since I wasn't in a hurry, and figured out the way home on my own."

Now there was an interesting take on the situation. A techy generation person chose to turn off the GPS.

The younger adult daughter told her story. Two people from a regular "Youtube show said they had used their GPS so much they didn't think they could find their way home, and they had only a five minute drive. They didn't know how to drive around their neighborhood. Can you believe that, Mom?"

Actually, no. 

I think I've used the contraption maybe twice in my life.

Hubby and I still prefer the discovery method when time allows. For fun, we'll drive the country roads playing a game. The destination is in _____ direction. Let's try to find it. We point the car in the given direction and drive. If the road dead ends we find the next road heading in that direction. As a result, we've found many great places to visit.

When time doesn't allow we pull out the map, use mapquest, or google directions.

The point?

The one the girls found on their own? 

Placing your dependence on things can lead to problems.

Great thought.

This doesn't mean using a GPS is bad. It is a great tool. But so is our mind.

There is a saying "We should learn something new every day." I was surprised my techy adult daughters felt GPS was more of a crutch than a need.

So, friend, what have you learned new recently? What would you like to learn?

I will start. My current interest is: marketing. If I could spend a weekend with Melissa Tagg or Edie Melson I think I will have learned enough to last me a whole year! (click on their name to go to their blogs.) These ladies are the cream of the top for marketing information for me, (you did not see that cliche).

How about you?


Janice said...

I continue to learn about God's ways of leading His children. When we make the extra effort He makes good things happen that affect not only the one but many. For example, I picked up a sample package of the new Sunday School curriculum. It was to replace what we had used for a number of years. The teacher I work with asked if I would go back to the store and see if they had any welcome posters for the new year. I did not want to make the extra trip but decided I would. While at the store, right beside the new curriculum sample I previously purchased was another new curriculum sample box I did not see the first go round. I made an executive decision to pick it up for consideration and comparison. We had a meeting Sunday with several teachers and a new volunteer loved this second one and will share it for consideration to others she is in connection with at the church. II will be interesting to see how many classes go with this curriculum for the fall. And it was discovered only because I made a little extra effort and did something I didn't want to do.

Mary Vee Writer said...

What an awesome testimony of following through with the Lord's leading even when we don't want to. Thanks so much for sharing!

bonton said...

I have never used an actual GPS in my car (have only printed out general directions from map quest when driving a great distance) - because like you, I like to explore new (to me), less-traveled, territory & little out-of-the-way businesses. I have found some wonderful restaurants & foods, quaint shops, historic buildings, & beautiful nature scenes that way. (I have also heard of numerous people getting lost using incorrect data thru GPS.)

Less than a year ago - I was reading, primarily, non-fiction (biographies, autobiographies, & bible studies, specifically). Through a friend - I was introduced to the blog hops/giveaways, I never dreamed there were so many wonderful Christian fiction authors. I feel as if I have "struck a gold mine", & am estatic over exploring & learning more about the authors, their books, & Christian fiction, in general. Thank you, authors!

Mary Vee Writer said...

Ah hah a fellow explorer!

It wasn't that long ago when I discovered the beautiful community of Christian authors, too. They are a wonderful group of people and write heart warming stories.

Thanks so much for stopping by Bonnie. Loved chatting with you.

Unknown said...

Hey thanks for the shout-out, Mary! I've been learning about balancing time lately, that's for sure, but I'd love to learn's difficult! :) I've also been reading the Old Testament this year and man, I have so much to keep learning there!

Mary Vee Writer said...

You are welcome, Melissa. I am serious about someday spending time with you and picking your brain for info.

Reading the Old Testament is a great idea. Isn't it amazing that each time you read a passage you see something new, fresh, appropriate for your current situations? God is so good to us.