Monday, August 19, 2013

E Books

I finished my first ebook. I absolutely loved the story, in fact I will be posting the review of this fantastic book on Wednesday. 

For today, though, I want to open a discussion about ebooks.

At first, I thought holding my mini iPad as I engaged in the exciting story was fun. It is smaller than a book, I can increase the font to match my tired read-before-going-to-bed-eyes, then decrease the font for the morning. I can dim or brighten the light and never lose my place because my iPad keeps track of details like that for me.

I could have been hired to be a spokesperson for ebooks . . . until . . .

As a rule stories have ups and downs in them but the climax is the big peak.

When I hold a paper book in my hand I know the climax is coming, not only from the context clues but also by the balance of the book in my hand. The left side is heavier than the right. I sometimes fumble while fully absorbed in the story and drop the book.

I read in anticipation, will the ending be what I think? What happens next? I flip pages faster and faster ignoring the clock. I know the ending is coming, this is the moment, the big climax, I can't wait to turn another page and read the results.

But, with an ebook, meh. For me, the story was powerful, but I didn't know the book was almost over. I sped through the well written pages asking the questions above but I missed a certain spark, the weight of the book clue that says, "Sorry sister, your fantastic read is about to end. Prepare yourself."

I must give credit where credit is due. My ebook tells me the percentage I am at, the page number . . . meh. Not enough. The physical touch of the book was missing. I didn't fully comprehend that the ultimate was happening right before my eyes. Yes, all the knots were tied, yes, the questions were answered, yes, they lived happily ever after, but I didn't have the book in my hand weighing heavy on the left side. 


I loved the story I read. 

I want to hold the book in my hand.

I want my wrists to get tired, and the font to be the wrong size, and the light too dim. I want to turn the last page and hug the book close to me, sighing at the end of a well written story.

Friends, it's your turn to speak out. The line has been drawn. Which side will you stand? Defend the poor ebook or hold up your paperback copy.

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Unknown said...

Fun post, Mary. :) I do a lot of reading on my kindle and love that I have a whole library of books stored in that thing. It's awesome for traveling. But like you, when I can hold the paperback in my head, I'm a very happy girl. You're right, there's a sense of pacing when you're holding that paperback copy that it's harder to feel when you're reading an ebook. So yeah, I like both, but still can't help getting extra happy about paperbacks. :)

Mary Vee Writer said...

Awww, Melissa, yeah. Me too.

Unknown said...

I like the fact if you are going on vacation you can take many ebooks. My Mother likes the ebook for the reasons you mentioned. I still love a book. It's in my bloodstream.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Me, too, Barbara.
But I think it is wonderful that your mom enjoys books and has them in an easy to get to mode.

bonton said...

I've only had my e-reader for a few months - the positives are that it takes up little room when you're away from home, stores a lot of books in a very tiny space, is very light-weight in relation to the number of books stored, & I have found many FREE books to store.

However, I am retired & do most of my reading at home. There is just something warm & cozy about curling up in my recliner, with a glass or cup of tea, a snack, candles, the sound of a fountain or background music, a fireplace or blanket (in the winter) and a PRINTED BOOK! It will always be my favorite choice when reading!

Pam K. said...

When reading a book on my Kindle, I miss being able to see the cover. I've even found myself forgetting the title or author because it's not there on the top of the page like in most printed books, and I can't just flip to the cover easily. There are some advantages to ebooks but I don't ever want to give up printed books.

bonton said...

You're right about the cover, Pam, I miss seeing those pretty covers on my Kindle, also!

Mary Vee Writer said...

Seriously. I couldn't agree with you more. Think of all the arm muscles we build when toting those books!

Mary Vee Writer said...

Oh, true, Pam.
I forgot about that. Right now I turn on my mini iPad, press the library button and my book automatically opens. I think for a moment, which book am I reading right now? After I read a sentence, of course I remember, but, the cover IS so helpful.

Mary Vee Writer said...

We may need to go back to the concept of putting pictures at the beginning of each chapter. Now wouldn't that be awesome? Okay, yes, it would be costly, but it would also look nice.