Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Unaware of My Testimony

I am pleased on one hand yet perplexed on the other...

I worked a government job helping the homeless and needy for three years. I left the job one year ago, shortly after our house sold, and now live on the other side of the country.

While at that job, I did my work, made friends with the other caseworkers, and helped where I could. We've kept in touch on a social basis.

Yesterday, one of my coworkers sent this message to my timeline: 

Happy Sunday!! I wanted to tell you about one of my sweetest participants ;) She is so innocent, soft spoken, excellent mother and just a great gal. St. Vincent de Paul GAVE HER A CAR!!! She is a volunteer there and they love her so much because she's such an awesome when she lost transportation at 8 mos pregnant and was walking her very well behaved & mannered child to day care before work etc etc...THEY GAVE HER THE CAR! And want to hire her after baby is born :) I like to share those stories with you. When you say thank you to God, I feel you have a little more credibility than I. :-) 

I didn't have a Bible at my desk, religious photos or calendar, walk around saying Hallelujah, or start/participate in religious discussions. Neither did I participate in the off color ones.

So why was it, after the first week on the job, my co-workers conversations abruptly stopped including swear words when I entered the room? 

Why did workers from the upstairs department ask me to pray for a concern they had?

And why am I so blessed to have received the message from a coworker yesterday?

I am nothing special. I made many mistakes, had to redo work, even became upset a time or two on the job. I had a good work ethic and let the other workers know I cared about them. 

God in His own passion for my coworkers let them see Himself despite my mistakes. And, one year later, when God demonstrated His love for an impoverished pregnant woman, her caseworker, took the time to share the great news with me. 

We never know who is watching and listening. The lives of those around us are like little children who see and hear like Superman then make decisions.

P.S. I wrote my friend back thanking her for sharing the news and said, "fyi, friend. God loves to hear from you, too. He thinks you are wonderful."

Reader: Today is a fantastic day God has given to you. How can you share it with Him?

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