Monday, July 22, 2013

The Weeds in Our Life

Today is weeding day. I won't spend the entire day out in the sweltering heat, but I will go out this morning and again this evening when it cools a bit. 

I don't have a green thumb when weeding gardens. If you're in need a plant to be killed, put it in my care. I don't know how, but I even managed to kill a cactus. Good grief. I think I am hopeless. But I keep trying.

When the temperature rises outside I will start my weeding inside. I'll weed my house of the clutter, dust, and dirty dishes. I'll weed the laundry room of dirty clothes.

This morning when I first woke, I weeded my mind of ill thoughts, concerns, and disappointments and replaced them with thoughts of God and what He has done for me. 

Throughout the day I have to weed out the lazy temptation and replace it with drive/motivation. 

My favorite weeding will be the edits on my current manuscript. I can't wait. I love reading crits from others and using their suggestions for improvement, I love catching whole paragraphs in need of deleting (poof--gone) and replacing them with essential components I forgot the first time through. Sigh. It's wonderful.

Weeding must be done everyday. There's always something in need of weeding either emotionally, physically, or spiritually. 

Let's have some fun. Here is a quiz for you to prove how much you've weeded today. Give yourself ten points for each one you answer yes.

1. I weeded out the lazy temptation by successfully getting out of bed this morning.
2. I weeded out the desire to have only junk food for breakfast by eating healthy.
3. I weeded out the selfish desire by complimenting someone else.
4. I weeded out the misunderstanding in my heart by reading the Bible.
5. I weeded out the focus of my own needs by praying for someone else's need.
6. I weeded out the dirty laundry by washing some/all. (or similar cleaning task)
7. I weeded out the focus on me time by having a conversation with a family or friend in person which lasting more than ten minutes.
8. I weeded out a satisfaction that claims I already know what I need to know by actively learning something new.
9. I weeded out the media's focus on the negative by looking at/watching something beautiful.
10. I weeded out my need for kudos by thanking God for something He did for me.

Fee free to modify any of these to personalize.

So, friend, how did you do? 
What could be added to the quiz?


Cindy Q said...

Exceptional post, Mary. So glad I read it.

Ann H Gabhart said...

Great weeding suggestions, Mary. I need to do bunch of that weeding of clutter in my office right now, and I can always do some weeding in how I'm thinking.


Mary Vee Writer said...

Thank you, Cindy. :)

Mary Vee Writer said...

So if Adam and Even didn't need to weed until they were cast out of the garden, did they have all of these things under control? Just sayin'