Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Perfect Gentleman

Darryl is a perfect gentleman...

He lives in a nursing home (names have been changed) with his wife, Evelyn. A real Notebook story that is wonderful to share.

Darryl is an older gentleman with no physical or mental health issues. His dear wife, Evelyn, suffers from dementia and some minor physical issues. He couldn't take care of her by himself. 

For her health, she had to move to a nursing home. 

He couldn't stand to be away from his Evelyn, they'd shared so many years together. He volunteered to move into the nursing home with her where they share a room.

The nurses care for Evelyn, which frees Darryl to come and go as he wants, including spending holidays with his son and grandkids. 

On days when he isn't there, Evelyn is walked down to the dining area by nurses aids who reassure her that Darryl will come home. They sit her in a place next to an empty chair. She sets her arm on the chair intended for her husband. Her eyes move from the chair to the doorway and back. She doesn't say anything. Her breathing is filled with anticipation. 

Then Darryl walks in the door. 

Her concern switches to pure joy in a nano second. She moves her arm off of his chair and watches him walk across the room and sit next to her. Her broad smile shows sparkly white teeth.

Darryl leans toward her and says something. She looks toward her lap, savoring his sweet words. 

At times, Darryl comes down to the dining area alone when Evelyn is taking a nap. A few other residents sit around a table looking at pictures. Sarah, who struggles to speak, has been wildly shouting "ah". No one is able to help her stop shouting. 

Darryl walks to her wheelchair, and with a kind smile says, "Hi Sarah." For the first time that afternoon, Sarah smiles. His gentleman words touch her heart with such power she can't respond. 

Darryl helps other residents who can't move their wheelchairs through small passages. He talks with visiting families and other residents, moving about the room to find someone who needs a smile.

Darryl is a perfect gentleman. One sent by God to bless a nursing home.

And yes....this is a true story. Sigh

READER, please share your story of a perfect gentleman.


Anonymous said...

I have witnessed this man's giving spirit and am happy that he is being honored by sharing his story. Myra

Mary Vee Writer said...

yeah. thanks, Myra. :)

Janice said...

I frequently join in conversation with some friendly Christians on a blog site where people have been friends for a number of years. A few have met in person. All seem to be really nice people. There is one member who is a man in his 80s who is always so kind and caring, full of wisdom, greatly loves his wife and teaches Sunday School. I think of him as the perfect gentleman even though I have never met him in person.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Great example, Janice.

Let's hear more. Maybe, just maybe we will get a gent to share his example of a perfect lady:)