Monday, July 29, 2013

If The Coffee Cups Were In the Right Cupboard

We've lived in our house for eight months.

The coffee cups have been in the cupboard to the left of the sink and the glasses in the cupboard to the right. 

Teen daughter walked in at noon and opened the cupboard to the right to get a coffee cup.

Her conclusion: We need cupboards with special features. One that changes the contents of the cupboard depending on the need. For example, if I stand before this cupboard and say coffee cup, the door would open and poof, the desired object is there.

Good idea!

The movie Sleepless in Seattle came to mind after teen daughter left the room with her coffee. Sam Baldwin, (played by Tom Hanks), an architect, is having difficulties with the buyer of a house. It seems every day she requests changes to her new home structure. The one change Sam hates to change is: move the kitchen cabinets. He'll never finish the house. 

Sam Baldwin is speaking with his date Victoria, Here is the scene:

"She's on her sixth painter. And now she wants her fireplace rebricked. When she wants something done she says, 'You know best. But couldn't we flip the house so the back is in the front and put the front on a hinge so I can get in with a garage door opener?'

"Yes we can, We'll just have to move the kitchen cabinets."

Hmm, opening the house with a garage door opener. Interesting

While we're on the topic let's not forget the Jetson's style of home where a robot maid clicks a button and raises the house above the smog and our car fits into a suitcase.

My daughter has spoken. Sam Baldwin tells about his client. The Jetsons send us to the future.  Now it is your turn.

Let's have fun. If you could have a dream invention/change in your home, what would it be?


Janice said...

A robotic handyman to do all the minor repairs would be great.HD2W/OC for short. Long version is Honey Do With Out Complaint (orcussing). I sppose the OC could also stand for Obsessive/Copulsive meaning the robot would immediately take care of what needs fixing.

Sweet dream...or I should say dream on.

Blessings, Mary, for you to have a good Monday.


Mary Vee Writer said...

Good idea, Janice. :)