Monday, June 3, 2013

Who Winds us Up?

I appreciate when a friend offers advice laced in encouragement. Especially when her/his enthusiasm spills over into my spirit. I feel wound up and ready to face my task.

There was a twenty something female who planned to go to an event. The evening would enable her to meet important people and get her name in the big circles. A second female in the same circle offered to do the twenty something's hair, makeup, etc. As a former pageant participant she seemed quite genuine and qualified. 

The second female did a great job, and the twenty something female felt good about her appearance at the event. Afterwards, the second female sought out the first, raised a wicked eyebrow and said, "I loved winding you up and watching you go."

During the times we feel in need, we often open the doors of our heart extra wide hoping someone will come in and offer help whether with an encouraging word, advice, or physical help like how to dress for an important event.

God provides us with a support staff around us. Willing souls to share a hug, listen, go with us to a coffee shop, watch our children, and etc.

But beware. There are those who do not have good intentions.

They desire to deliver tainted advice that seems good but is not pure. Their hug is not to comfort you but to show off to others, manipulate, and etc.

As the person in need, we really do have a choice.

Choice one: 
Accept the help
The Apostle Paul once had a similar situation and here is what he did: Those working with him complained about the false disciples who didn't know Jesus but went about the country healing the sick in Jesus' name. Paul's reply? Let them. Doesn't God still get the glory?

Choice two:
Reject the person
Sometimes this is necessary. God says we need to be in the world but not of the world. We shouldn't be stumbling blocks. 

Sometimes this is not the best choice. Can you imagine if the Apostle Paul stopped his ministry even for a short time to berate the false disciples? 

As for the female in the above situation, she did look nice for the event, learned how to do her make up, and spoke with the people she wanted. 

Who winds us up? If we surround ourselves with godly people, then it will be those who have our best interest in mind.

I think of the writer's retreat I just attended. I was surrounded by godly women who loved to write for Jesus. We bathed the time in prayer and genuinely sought to help each other. I came home wound up and ready to write.

May you find a group of godly people who will only want to encourage/wind you up to serve God.


Unknown said...

Fun post, Mary. So thankful for the people in my life who definitely do "wind me up!"

Mary Vee Writer said...

Me to.

And I know God has blessed you, Melissa, with some godly friends. Met several myself.
God is good.