Monday, June 24, 2013

What Did You Learn, Yesterday?

Many of us had an opportunity to go to church yesterday. Some might have attended Sunday School, too

Due to situations, some could not attend a service during the weekend, but might have been able to listen to a service using the radio, TV, or Internet.

Whether you had a chance to attend, listen, or reflect, what have you learned about God, recently?

I will start....

Here is the scene: Elijah is camped by a brook that is shrinking over time. A raven visits him twice day, bringing Elijah bread and meat. One day he wakes and finds the ground dry where the brook once was. He doesn't whine. Cry out. Accuse God of only taking care of him for a short time. He waits. 

The wait doesn't last long. God speaks to him, saying, "Go at once" and include directions where to go and what to do. Elijah didn't question the directions. The Bible says, "So he went."

Plain and simple. 

Just like that.

The man is hunted by Ahab's soldiers. 

The land has little to no water.

A famine is in full swing.
And God asks him to seek out a widow for help, a starving widow who has a son.

Elijah did. 

Not only did he receive the food he needed, but also his immediate response saved the starving widow and her son.

And now it is your turn. What did you learn?


Unknown said...

I love that story of Elijah, Mary. I love that Elijah just did what God questions... :)

Janice said...

We had a sermon on being faithful in the little things for the morning service. It made me look back and consider if I might do better in anything, and I thought of something to work towards that I had fallen away from. Just a little thing that I said I would do. In children's Sunday School one of the teachers remarked about how easily people don't keep promises these days and related it to how Hannah kept her promise to the Lord. That was on a much bigger thing in her life...she had probably been a promise keeper in the little things before she worked up to the big challenge.

I like that story about Elijah, also. He was a person who had some roller coaster highs and lows. We recently had a story about him in Sunday School.

Mary Vee Writer said...

I would like to be able to do that. Not that I don't try. I just wish I was more successful and glad God still loves even me.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Keeping your promises is a good one, too. And Hannah was a great example. Thank you, Janice.