Thursday, June 13, 2013

It's My Birthday

No it isn't one of those special decade birthdays, or even an in betweener. 

It's just have fun, go to the woods in Michigan with hubby and have fun on your birthday kind of day.

If you are stopping by and haven't become a follower, would you? 

I have set a goal. 

To be reached by my birthday. 

So, call your loved ones, friends, and neighbors and ask them to become a follower on Mary's website.

Please?  Awww, thanks.

And I will even have a book give away today. 
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I love giving gifts.
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In the meantime, stay dry all ye in the path of the storm, and safe from the fires all ye in the path of the blaze.

I look forward to each time we have a chance to talk.


Patty said...

Happy Birthday Mary! I already follow your blog by e-mail, but I did go over and like your FB page.
I just celebrated my 40th in April. I think 30 was worse than 40 for me. I guess you learn to relax and enjoy things more as you age.

Wendy Newcomb said...

My surprise 16th birthday party, I was so surprised that I cried in front of everyone. You see, my brothers birthday was the fourth of July and mine was the 21st, so there was always a big party on my brothers party and the usually had a cake for me too since everyone was there, but it wasn't 'MY' birthday being celebrated, so on my 16th birthday it was 'JUST FOR ME' and it was a surprise.


Michelle Prince Morgan said...

Happy Happy Birthday Mary, may your day be blessed with many friends, love from those you love, good food, sweet surprises and laughter that lights up your soul. May God bless you each day.
All my birthday are my favorite because they are reminders that God chose me and has blessed me with another year, another day and even another second.

Janice said...

Happy Birthday, Mary!

I can't say that I have had a "favorite" birthday. Because it is in December, for many years it seemed to get lost in the Christmas doings. I felt a bit angry about that. Then as I grew older and became a Christian I had a change of heart and felt blessed to get to share a birthday season with Jesus. Birthdays are pretty low-key and unfortunately I have some pretty lonesome memories of the day. Also there was my 35th which the week before my father had died and was buried on Sat. before my birthday on Mon. when my mother was scheduled and had a mastectomy. I was three months pregnant with the first and only grandchild. I know people have had worse birthdays but that was a doozy. God saw us through it all. Since I have been through a birthday like that, all others seem like a piece of cake! The better birthdays seem like the whole cake!

Linda Ortiz said...

I never really had a birthday party! But, I do remember one year my husband bought this beautiful floral cake from a fancy bakery. It was so beautiful and delicious. Happy Birthday to you Mary!!! Have a fantastic one with those you love!!! :D


Mary Vee Writer said...

We are forever 28, remember? I sure I am. :)

Mary Vee Writer said...

WOW!!! And what better birthday could they have chosen to celebrate so special. How awesome is that? Thanks so much for sharing, Wendy.

I also feel for those who have birthdays on holidays. Every once in a while my one daughter's birthday falls on Memorial Day. NP We do double the celebration.

Sweet coming birthday to you, Wendy:)

Mary Vee Writer said...

Here is a wish for you that this year's birthday is a WHOLE cake.
Love ya, Janice.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Sometimes hubbies need hints. I have a daughter who is extra good at hinting to hubby for me. Then again she lets me know what he wants for his birthday. Those kids can be awesome at sprucing up the occasions. :)

Anonymous said...

You make life so beautiful! With the Lord every day is a celebration of His goodness. Thanks for reminding us of the gift of life. Happy Birthday, Mary. Missing your smiles and positive attitude.

Bonnie said...

Happy Birthday, Mary. I remember a birthday that I thought no one remembered. I was feeling a bit mention from my hubby, kids living out of state and no call....what a downer. My sister in law called to see if I could help her with something. When I arrived, my mother had put together a surprise party there. I cried, laughed and hugged. Been a long time ago

Gretchen E.K. Engel said...

For my 11th birthday, my parents surprised us with a trip to California including NBC studios, Knott's Berry Farm, and Disneyland! We lived in the Midwest, so it was a big deal!

I didn't think that one could be topped. It was but in an entirely different way. For my 32nd birthday, I brought my first born home from the hospital.

Cindy Q said...

Happy birthday, Mary. My 46th birthday was the worst, so last month, when I turned 47, it was fantabulous because it wasn't anything like last year's! ha. Hope your day is special.

Jeanne Takenaka said...

Happy birthday, my friend!! I think my favorite birthday was my most recent one! I blogged about not needing to be the center of attention for the many people in my life, but to know I am treasured by those closest to me. :) My honey and boys took me out for dinner at a favorite restaurant. A few days later, my honey took me out on a date AND took me clothes shopping. It was fun to be made something of. I hope your birthday is wonderful!!!!!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Mary!! I hope you have a wonderful day!! One of my favorite birthdays was my 40th birthday. I was working at a university. My office was in a classroom building. My co-workers conspired with my Mom and got baby and little girl pictures. They enlarged the pictures and put then on poster board with all the usual comments. They were on the hall and on the door of my office, but we had a good time that day.
Barbara Thompson

Mary Vee Writer said...

Thank much.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Oh wow! Those days are simply horrible but yet the BEST.

Dwell on that great day, and remember your fab family.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Yah, know,'s kinda like the box scenario. You give a kid a great toy and all they want to do is play with the box. Maybe they see something special in there. I think you saw something special in that 47 birthday that washed away number 46. Happy 47 memories. :)

Mary Vee Writer said...

Thanks Jeanne!
My big question...did he take you dancing? Only a few will understand the meaning behind that question :)

Love yah, sis

Mary Vee Writer said...

What a creative way to make a day a blast! How awesome of them to do that for you. I imagine everyone enjoyed the walk down the halls that day. :)

Cynthia Herron said...

Happy Birthday, Mary! (Sorry I'm late to the party--hope you're wearing sparkles! ;) )

You're going to love your 30's! (I know I did--er...DO.) LOL :)

Hugging you from afar!

Mary Vee Writer said...

Thanks Cynthia.
Hugging you back.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mary. Hope it was a good one. May GOD bless you with many more. Yes, I am already one of your followers. My first birthday I remember was when I was 13. I'm sure things were special other years in our family but never remember a reg. party. But, would have to say the BEST EVER was a Surprise Party for my 75th birthday. My 1st surprise party also. My granddaughters house was beautifully decorated with my favorite colors. Never saw a party more beautiful. Then besides a very special cake (chocolate, of course) the foods and desserts were all of the ones my family knew were my favorites throughout the many years. So much yummy food that day. One I will never forget. Please enter me in your contest. Thanks, Maxie

Mary Vee Writer said...

Oh, Maxie,
You definitely are entered.
You painted the party so clear with your words. Thank you for sharing your special 75th with us. :)