Monday, May 6, 2013

What Does Your Heart Hunger For, Today?

photo by Mary Vee

Happy May to you.

Whether you are tired, (I am), excited, hopeful, busy, or bored this is the day that the Lord has Made just for you.

So what will this day bring?

Hopefully something fun, happy, or good will happen. Perhaps there will be a glitch. Sometimes the same event can happen to two different people, yet the personal perception will have polar affects: good or bad.

This has a lot to do with where we are on our Christian journey. 

God knows our needs. He even knows what our hearts truly are hungry for. 

I thought my heart was hungry, desperately hungry for a day off. Sure would be nice to catch up, walk out on the deck to listen to the birds, watch the animals, and feel the sunshine.

But, I have an opportunity to help a person in need. The task will take the entire day.

I have a feeling, lets call it a deep gut feeling, my sunshine will be Sonshine.

What does your heart hunger for?

This is a two day post. I'd love for you to share the before and after.  For today, tell us what your feel your heart hungers for. Stop back tomorrow and reply to your same comment to share what God did for you.

I'll do the same. I may think this task will be my Sonshine, but, maybe something is going to pop out through the day and show me something even more. I am too excited to live this day and to experience what God has for me.

May God richly bless you on this one day adventure.


Janice said...

I am back in the office today after a few months away. I desire to settle back into routines and start new ones which will be productive and healthy. I desire to do some planning for how to better utilize my time. I desire balance of activities and want to discover some new ways to incorporate some exercise/walking to keep me from sitting for too many hours. Sounds like I have a lot of desires :-). Hopefully these are all desires that God has placed in my heart that will enable me to better glorify Him through my work and my witness at work.

Mary Vee Writer said...

This is a GREAT list, Janice. One I'd like to copy. And no I don't think it is too many because it address many areas of our lives. Wow. Thanks for this comment. :)

Janice said...

I am always better at knowing what I should do rather than doing what I should do! Is that something like what Paul said?

I was able to give a peaceful and diplomatic response to someone who has treated me poorly in the past. I suppose that was the highlight of yesterday.

Instead of eating healthy food yesterday, I found all the junk food in the office and ate it. Yuck! Proof positive I need to keep well stocked at home and at the office with good and healthy foods. Today I will early on take a break and visit a grocery store. There I will get in some walking. :-)

Will work more today on time management and goal setting. I need to get things down in writing to at least have a list to be accountable to. Love making checkmarks!