Wednesday, May 22, 2013

We Can All...

...make a joyful sound unto the Lord

How will you make your sound today?

This doesn't refer to singing only. There are so many ways to make a joyful sound to the Lord. Let's talk about some.

A friend of mine is concerned about a neighbor. She is planning on making a meal to take to the neighbor next week, perhaps taking a fun movie, and spending time brightening the neighbor's day. I can't wait to hear what happens.

My daughter and I spent time chatting today. We laughed and snorted at funny stories.

On Sunday, there will be singing in the sanctuary. 

During the weekday, writers of Christian works write words of encouragement, mystery, love, and suspense.

At work, our smile is likened to a joyful sound.

At home, our meals ease growling stomachs.

Our driving could make a joyful sound....I think many of us need to work on this one. :)

Taking care of our appearance can make a joyful sound. 

Spending time with God can produce a joyful sound in our heart and thoughts.

Walking outside


Knitting, crocheting, woodworking, cooking, etc things for others

Calling a family member, sibling, or friend 

sending e cards

give a hug

So think outside the box. A joyful sound unto the Lord may not necessarily be something audible. How can you make a joyful sound to the Lord today?

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