Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Unique Side of a City

Not every city can afford to build much less spruce up their parks. Some can't afford the space.

Last week, while spending time in a low income city, I asked a local person if there was a park. It was a sunny day and I wanted to go for a walk. The person directed me to a park nestled in the factory portion where the neighboring homes needed a lot of loving care.

What a fantastic find. A true hidden treasure. God had planted a park site for the city using a beautiful lake. The circumference--just under a mile.

I parked in the lot and walked in the scorching heat, wishing I had something cold to drink. Later that night I returned and walked in the cool air. I am so thankful God gave me that idea because at night is when the walkers can see a unique side of a city. 

I had to walk real quiet to get close enough to captures these photos for you. 

I missed my first photo op with this grey heron. He blended in so much with his environment. I walked slow and quite to the other side of the pond and managed to get close enough to snatch this photo.

Truth nugget, When our mind is focused and we are quiet we can grasp God's truths.

He finally noticed my presence and flew away. This bird easily stood close to five feet tall. His large wings only flapped a few times before he crossed the lake. Such grace. Elegance. Swift. He flew no higher than needed to stay above the water, conserving energy for the task of capturing his next meal.

Truth nugget: God's Word is swift, full of wonder and grace. It give us what we need, what we can understand with His help.

Muscrats are shy. I almost missed taking his pic.

Truth nugget: Opportunities to show God's love can be missed when we are shy.

Beauty can be found even when it doesn't seem likely. Remember the setting I described above. I did not expect to find this beautiful park.

Truth nugget: Be slow to judge.

Even in a beautiful place, death is present. But as we know, death is not the end. 

Truth nugget: Jesus is preparing a fabulous place for us. But death is on the journey to get there.

Algae, scum  

Trash, and litter also are found in this city park. 

From a distance it can't be seen.

Truth nugget: We have a lot of things hidden in our life. Others can't see them when they look at us. But God can. I want to clean these areas of my life

The walk path around the lake is easy to see and lovely. 

Truth nugget: Our life journey may have bumps, hills, danger, and beauty. But God promises to walk with us.

Far off in a stand of trees, and very protected, a bird make a home for it's family.

Truth nugget: God has/is doing the same for us.

And the biggest surprise for me..a scarlet tanager. I have never seen one before. Had to look it up in a bird book to see what it was called. Isn't it beautiful?

Truth nugget: God has so many surprises, wonderful surprises waiting for us.


Janice said...

I loved your posting for today! I think it would make a fine picture book for adults who still enjoy the wonder of all God made!

Blessings, Janice

Mary Vee Writer said...

Thank you, Janice.