Monday, May 20, 2013

Retreat-A Positive Opportunity

Seven of ten gals from the Writers Alley met for a retreat this last weekend. We came from Oregon, Michigan, Tennessee, North Carolina, Florida, Missouri, and Iowa.

Our excellent hostess, Angie, offered her home. Her awesome hubby took the kids camping while we invaded the home.

We arrived at various times during the day on Friday, Ashley arrived at the airport in the evening. We celebrated with a cupcake party, stayed up 'til the morning hours and talked.

Saturday, our work day began. We began with worship, praise, devotion, and prayer. 

Next, We spread our work around the table.
Each Alley Cat.

And moved outside to discuss each member's current work, read a scene from their current work, brainstorm ways to take the story deeper, and present near future goals.

During lunch we continued the discussion digging deep into each story, identifying what the hero and heroines goals, motivations, misconceptions, black moment, etc.. The individual presentations didn't seem to take long, but the day sailed past before we knew it. 

Later in the afternoon we Skyped with Karen Schravemade, Alley Cat living in Australia, and Julia Reffner Alley Cat living in New York talking with them about their current story. 

Pepper cooked southern foods for dinner and Melissa Tagg stopped by. The Dinner discussion wrapped around the publication process.

We continued working past midnight with the discussing switching to our commitment to Christ and our need to serve Him with our writing. The day ended around 2-3 am,

Sunday morning we went to Angie's church.

After lunch we had to say our farewells. Pepper Basham, Amy Leigh Simpson, and Krista Phillips left for home Sunday. Ashley Clark and I will go home today, and Casey Herringshaw will leave Tuesday.

All in all we learned so much, grew our friendships closer together, and are primed to get back to writing!

Would we have another Writers Alley Retreat?

Are you kidding? Of course. The last decision...where to have next year's retreat. On an ocean beach. will be fabulous.


Unknown said...

FUN! Thanks for letting me pop in to say hi and have dinner with you all on Saturday. Loved seeing everyone!!

Mary Vee Writer said...

Fun is too true. Especially with you.
Loved having you with us, Melissa:)

Beth Steury said...

That sounds AWESOME! How fun and inspiring to get away together! Hope you're feeling invigorated and brimming with creativity and inspiration.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Oh, yes. I think we all are! Highly recommend it.