Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Taking Care of Business at the Coffee Shop

The coffee shop can be a perfect place to sort out thoughts and get work done. I find this setting a great place to relax.

I love to spend an hour chatting with my husband while sipping what ever blend of tea struck my fancy.

But sometimes I come by myself to work. Like today.

I have my cup of English Breakfast tea, cell phone, and lap top spread across the table surface. I purposely chose a booth to prevent someone from reading over my shoulder. 

Today's work? Updating my sensory vocabulary with observation. What do people wear, how do they converse, what is the body language, and what words do they use.

This particular shop is playing classical music, the tables are nicely spaced for privacy, abstract and impressionistic paintings hang on a coffee brown wall and business is being conducted all around me.

To my right, a thirty-fiveish man is pouring on the sales tactic to an eightyish man. The younger one is leaning forward and speaks loud enough for all near him to hear. The elderly gentleman is not so easy to hear, he is sitting with his back against his chair and leans forward only once to write something on a piece of paper. The young man is animated with every word, the older is stately, perhaps a retired doctor or president of a company. And although seemingly retired, wears a suit to the coffee shop. The younger man has his work cut out for him. 

In the next booth, a fortyish woman is interviewing for a job. The male interviewer has used understanding comments throughout their visit. I am inclined to think this is a woman returning to the workforce after many years, or one who has been surprised with a lay off.

Two women, one older approached a table across the way, no wait a third just came. Three generations represented in this group. The eldest stayed alone at the table while the middle aged woman walked away, returning a moment later with two trays in her hand, and the third, the youngest, pulled out her cell as she sat and is texting. The youngest has bright pink pants and a snappy shirt. The middle aged woman has what seems like an imitation fashion bag, sandals and a raspberry hoodie, and the older lady is wearing a fully beaded blue jean jacket over a mock turtleneck shirt. Her white sock show beneath short cut jeans. Well, let me guess...grandma, mom, and teen daughter went out for lunch.

It is twelve fifteen and the coffee shop if full. Orders are announced for patrons to pick up. Hungry men and women balance their speciality sandwiches and salads served on oblong plates through the maze of tables. Conversations blend into humorous string of unrelated sentences delivered by female and male, young and old. 

And best of all, there is WiFy for people like me who love to write about people.

So, Reader....what did you do today? What did you see, hear, smell, taste, feel? Help me broaden my dictionary of descriptions.

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