Monday, April 29, 2013

Are You Missing Life?

Sometimes we allow ourselves to become bogged down with stuff. We run around trying to finish this and plan that.

I opened the window this morning, heard the song of several birds, and thought of God. 

My mind immediately leaped into the list of things I needed to do today. Really? That happened fast.

And what were these terribly important things? 

Some truly were necessary. Feeding the family. Going to work. Etc.

Some are not. 

Let's talk about how we spend our day. What do we really need to do today? If this was the one day you could remember when you turned 94 years old, what would go through you mind?

God asks us to live each day to His glory. Each day, whether it seems good or bad needs to honor HIm. And when our choices honor Him, we can find peace even in the problems. 

I am so glad you stopped by today to read this post. If possible, take a look outside. If the weather is good, step outside again. Listen to the sounds. Are the kids outside? Is it raining? Are there new flowers? What does the air smell like? Does the scent or sounds bring a memory to you?

Think of a verse. It doesn't have to be a special one, just the first one that comes to your mind. What is it? Where have you heard this verse before? What was happening then?

Think of a special person in your life. In what way has God blessed you through this person?

How are we doing? Is your spirit calm, ready to face the rest of the day?

The Bible says in Ecclesiastes that our life is a whisper. And although whispers are soft they can be powerful. 

Determine, right now to make today, even if you are sick in bed, a day to look back on and say, Yes, This was a day that the Lord made. I rejoiced and was glad in it.


Janice said...

It is invigorating to go outside early in the morning just after the new day has arrived. It has been rainy here lately so the sky was overcast and everything smelled wet this morning. The birds were not as lively as on some days. Even so, there was a freshness in the air because the pollen scents were gone. Heavy rains tend to make the plants seem weighted down. It is fun to notice how they spring back up and are super charged with growth after a good soaking. My eyes will watch for that. My lawnmower will be used sooner rather than later.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Mornings and evenings seemed to be an especially sweet time to enjoy the outside. I think many lawnmowers will be used early this year.