Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fool's Jokes

Happy April Fools!

A day for practical jokes. 

This is not only an American activity, April fool jokes are played in Italy, France, Belgium, basically all around the world. Even in Medieval days citizens played practical jokes.

The intent is not to harm but to surprise, test the thinking in a humorous way.

My office had a celebration, job related, on April first. Everyone brought food. I brought a cake. 

I took a roll of toilet paper and wrapped a second roll around the first to mock the size of a large cake. Creamy frosting hid the secret. Walnuts added the final decoration. I placed the cake on the table with a knife. Others had been nice and precut their food. 

The vice president stepped up to the cake. She oooood and picked up the knife. Placing the tip into the cake her eyes tightened as she pushed to get the knife to puncture the cake. Another employee came along and tried to help. I couldn't stop laughing. 

I went back to my office and brought out a real cake, frosted with the same frosting and walnuts and presented it to the vice president. She took the joke very well, especially as she ate her easy to cut piece of cake.

My dad liked to play practical jokes on the people at his work. I suppose he is the one I learned my ideas from. He asked several people in his office to bring a cup of coffee to a certain co-worker. He gave each a specific time to deliver. One cup appeared every fifteen minutes. 

Our whole family laughed the morning we left for work and found our tree teepeed. My dad said, "The greatest compliment is when something thinks of you. We have been thought of."

Pulling a practical joke involves so much. First the appropriate idea to match the recipient. Second the set up without being caught. Third the looooooong wait until the person sees. Fourth the laughter.

So, if someone thinks of you today by pulling a practical joke, don't be angry, upset, or were thought of. :) 

Happy April Fools Day.

Have you pulled an April Fools Day joke? Has one been done to you? Oh, please tell us. 


Janice said...

I don't remember any jokes on me or that I have done. One I remember that an older friend told me was that her husband always put his dentures in a cup of water at bedtime. Someone in their family, one of the children, had put money in one of those gumball type machines that sometimes gave little prizes in capsules. One of them had gotten a minature set of dentures. Overnight they swapped out his real dentures for the shrunken ones. They got a big laugh in their family from that, and I got a big laugh from hearing about it.

Another thing I remember is while at college living in a dorm one of the girls climbed up into the cabinet above another girl's desk and hid as a surprise. I was not in on that, but it seemed pretty funny that she could even fit up there. Maybe the joke was really on her when her body felt cramped in that position while she waited to surprise the other girl!

Mary Vee Writer said...

What fun moments, Janice. Thanks for sharing.