Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Break

Spring break season is here. 

Some schools had their breaks last week, some the week before. 

The reason for spring break? Not exactly sure, But this I know, few complain :)

As a kid and a college student, I loved spring break. I wish my job let me have a spring break, too!

My sister runs an after school day care in the art room of a school. 

Last Friday she took her students out for the first warm day they've had since last fall. The kids tossed their coats aside and ran to the playground.

She'd asked the children to bring their backpacks out with them, instead of leaving them in the after school care room like usual. One little girl said, "But my mom works until 5. I know I won't be picked up early." Smart comment because a snack is served in the classroom after playtime.

My sister nodded. "I understand. Will you bring your backpack anyway?" The girl reluctantly obeyed. Once outside she forgot her concern and ran to the slide.

A short time later a boy's parent arrived. The boy pouted. "I wanted to play outside." 

My sister cheerfully laughed. "Guess what? When you go through that door, your spring break begins!" Nothing else needed to be said. The boy grabbed his backpack and ran ahead of his parent to the door.

Needless to say, and you probably already guessed, the little girl's mother took time off work and picked her up early. 

The other children left with their parents earlier than the scheduled time as well. My sister knew they would. Who wouldn't want to leave early for spring break?

Spring Break
A time to 

sleep in
ride a bike
go to a park
take a vacation
eat lunch at home or a restaurant
photo taken by Mary Vee

The idea of spring break didn't just happen in someone's mind. God put the thought there.

He knows we need a time to regroup, change the pace, play, giggle, sing, laugh, leap, jump, run, sleep in, and thousands of other things.

What will you/would you do during the Spring Break God gives you?

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Pam K. said...

I work at a school. Today was our first day back after having spring break last week. My daughter took a few days off from her nanny job as well so we could spend some time together. It's her first year after graduating from college so it's hard to get used to the idea of no more spring breaks for her! Besides the time we spent together, I also spent time reading. The days of sleeping later and relaxing were such a blessing. But, having work is a blessing as well so I don't mind going back to work. Through my actions, I try to share God's love with the kids and adults I work with. I'm learning a lot from these special kids.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Welcome Pam.
Special kids have so much to share.
So glad you had a great spring break, and being able to spend time with you daughter is extra nice. Spring is a time for many to celebrate family time together. What books did you read?
Blessings on you and your servant work with the children.

Janice said...

It has turned cold here so even though we are well into spring and most of the flowers have already sprung, it seems like winter again with a touch of snow in the air today. It would be nice to see the beach for a spring break. We always go to the beach at the end of Dec. or beginning of Jan. so it would be a treat to see it in the spring.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Here too. I think I will close my eyes and stand on the heater. Maybe it will feel like the beach.