Monday, March 4, 2013


Have you ever met a group of people you did not expect to see in a setting?

Me too. This family tickled my funny bone.

In he and his family walked to the breakfast area of a hotel.

He was the dad. Standing six for three, faded overalls with a white tee shirt underneath, huge belly, scruffy beard, and southern twang. He stood there, a bit out of his realm and a dashed perplexed. 

His cute daughters padded close by. Both in cowboy boots, disheveled blonde hair and pink clothes. Rosy cheeks, and childlike smiles.

Mom brought up the rear with her mousy hair pulled back tight. A purple and green top flowed over her ample upper body.

They stood there and didn't say a word. It seemed they didn't know what to do.

Business men and women had long gone. Only a few hotel residents sat in the eating area. The family seemed very polite, looking at the surroundings and trying to figure out the procedure.

The cook made eye contact and approached them. "Hi. Would you like me to show you what all we have?"

The dad nodded and the kids skipped behind.

"We have scrambled eggs, sausage, over here is yogurt, which is almost empty. I can get you some more from the back...."

On went the tour of the great array of food.

The dad guided the girls with their filled plates to a table behind me. Mom was still fixing her plate back in the food area.

With the morning show in the background, a quacking sounded from behind me. I thought it was one of the girl's toys until the dad's said, "Hello?"  A quack ring tone! Perfect!

I went back to the food area to get a cup of coffee and happened to pass the mom. She smiled and of course I smiled back. 

I have stepped into a cultural experience. A sweet family who ventured out of their world and graced us with their home grown personalities. 

So, Reader, have you bumped into someone from another culture who uplifted your day? 

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