Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentines!


I spill my wish made back at Christmas time.

I wished for 75 followers for this website by Valentines Day. 

And look what God gave me!

He gave me you!

More than I could have ever dreamed.

Since the start of this website last July, I have met more wonderful people, godly people.

I am so blessed. You are all my valentine

Thank you.


I want to show my appreciation to my hubby, Hank, who has supported me in my writing career. He encourages me to write, learn, crit, edit, polish. He cheers the accomplishments and hugs when the rejections come. He is my Valentine.


I want to show my appreciation for my teen daughter, who has prayed during family devotions every single night for over a year that God would bless my writing ministry. She has faithfully shown an interest. She deserves a big valentine.


I want to show my appreciation for my fellow Alley cats at The Writers Alley. We have worked together for three years, growing close together, praying for one another, supporting, cheering, and crying together. We have become a close group of kindred sisters. You all deserve a big valentine.


I want to show my appreciation to my future editor and agent. I don't know who you are, yet, but someday I will. Until that time I am praying for you. You deserve a big valentine.

So reader,
Who would you like to give a valentine to?


Anonymous said...

Mary, what a sweet Valentine's blog. I love the gratitude and prayer you express through it. I'm so glad I have the privilege of getting to know you as a reading buddy and a writing buddy. Happy Valentine's Day, my friend!

Mary Vee Writer said...

Thanks Jeanne.
I am the blessed one. You are a great reading partner:)