Monday, February 4, 2013

Great Expectations

Max Aaron, a teen ice skater recently competed in an US Men's Figure skating championships. 

He worked numerous hours preparing for the moment, getting up in the mornings, way before his friends had and choosing to practice rather than hang out with his buddies.

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In an interview after the competition he freely admitted he didn't think he would place (the top two would be allowed to go to the Olympics). He counted the competition as a next step. 

Something he would try his best and be happy with whatever the outcome. Something to gain experience.

Someday he hoped to place. His 2010 and 2011 competitions showed the times he fell, but got up and kept going.

He entered the 2013 rink, prepared. He like the music he'd chosen, the choreography his coached helped him with, and in truth he enjoyed the crowd.

The announcer said his name and the audience cheered. 

He skated forward to his starting position. Listened to the opening notes of his music and pushed off. He couldn't help but smile at the smell of the ice, and the ooo sounds from the people. Their encouragement propelled him to jump higher, land difficult turns like a rock, animate the music with his arms and draw the audience in to the moment. He'd perfected the routine.

He sailed around the rink interpreting the music flawlessly, he couldn't help it. Every second brought happiness.

When the last note played and his skates came to a perfect stop he looked up and realized how well the program went. He knew he did well and enjoyed the opportunity.

Then the moment came. The scores and his placement in the contest. 

drum roll please drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

He won. First place for the US Men's Figure Skating Championship for 2013.

How can I learn from this young man? We can always learn from others whether they are older, younger, etc. 

I think about my daily preparations for my calling. My desire to share the love of God with others. I read my Bible every day, meditate on His Word. I love to work with the children's programs in my church and write a ministry blog. I absolutely loved going on short term mission trips to Honduras, Mexico, and the Crow people in Montana..

And deep down I know I make mistakes, miss opportunities to share His Word, but also know exactly how this young man felt when someone I speak with asks Christ into their heart. There is no greater joy for me.

How about you? What brings you the feeling of absolute joy? Perhaps the birth of your child, your wedding day...or something else?


Janice said...

I am joyful when I ask God for help with coming up with an arts and crafts or game idea to use in Children's Sunday School, and He helps me be creative and come up with something the children enjoy and learn from.

I am joyful when I see both the magnitude and the details in God's creation and consider the awesomeness of His creative ability.

I am joyful when I am reading His word, and also when I read the writings of those who are ispired by His word. I am joyful when I am inspired to write based on His word and knowing Him.

Mary, income tax season is upon us so I may not have as much time to visit (it started Feb.1), but know that when I don't have a chance to comment that my heart is wishing for more time to be here at your place!

Blessings, Janice

Mary Vee Writer said...

Wonderful thoughts.

Tax season is such a busy time for all. Hope all goes well for you.