Monday, February 18, 2013

Family Fun

I went in search of what to write for this post. I have a great advantage. Since my website focuses on stepping into other people's world, I simply have to look at the world and voila, I have a story.

At this minute I am in the pool area of a hotel. 

It is Sunday afternoon. 

A time when families jump into the water, Grandmas sit on the side to care for little ones in need of a break and giggles echo.

To my left, a little toe head girl, about two years old, sits cuddled in pool towels. Her thumb is in her mouth. Grandma sits in the chair next to her with a camera in hand. The flash flickers as she takes pictures of her son, daughter-in-law, and their three sons about twelve, ten and four.

Big brother tosses youngest brother like a football to dad. The little girl pulls her thumb out of her mouth and giggles. The little brother is held up high to look out the window at the steam rising on the other side. And the little girl giggles again.

She watches for one more minute before wanting to climb back into the water. Grandma calls out, "Here she comes." 

Big brother welcomes the little one into the pool of fun. He carries her close to dad and asks if she wants to play. "Yes" her bright eyes blinked. Big brother tosses her to dad. Back and forth two or three times. Dad holds her high. She giggles but quickly tires. Back out of the water she begs. Grandma hugs her close with a towel and lifts her back into her chair.

There she sits, eyes half open. Tired. Thumb slips back in her mouth.  

Grandma clicks her cell phone camera several more times enjoying the family fun and periodically looking at the little two-year-old slipping lower into her chair.

In the meantime, the two older brothers swim under the glass dividing wall to the outside where the temperatures have dipped down to nineteen degrees. They ham up the play as good big brothers do. The little girl perks up, reaching higher in her chair to see her silly brothers outside. 

A spark of energy flares and the little girl wants to go back into the water. She bends over, wanting to imitate a jump her brother did but doesn't hop into her brother's arms.  Big brother coaxes her. "Put your foot here." Big brother swooshes out of the pool to sit by here. "See like this." Instead she teaches him a foot splashing game. He learns quickly.

Big brother stands and walks her to the handrail. He slides down the rail and into the water. She copies him and lands in his arms. Back and forth they teach each other.

In time the energy fades. Mom sits in the whirlpool warming up. Grandma takes the little brother and wraps him in towels. The play has settled to floating in the water until mom is warm. 

The jets in the whirlpool turn off. Mom climbs out of the warmth and sprints to the pool. She leaps into the arms of dad, cannonball style. And the play resumes.

What a fun family afternoon. No TV, no Internet, no technology. Just good ol' family fun.

What do you remember doing for a fun family activity?

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Beth Steury said...

At a hotel by the pool? I'm jealous! Great visual descriptions of some quality family time...